How to fly to Hyderabad, pay less

Hyderabad – the sixth largest metropolis of the population, with a & # 39 is the capital of Andhra Pradesh. It is also known as the "City of pearls." If you are planning to visit Hyderabad, then go ahead and book cheap tickets, which are almost equivalent to a ticket on the train. Now you do not need to spend tedious hours on the train. Instead of a long journey by train you can choose the most convenient and shortest flight.

The city has various tourist attractions which every year invites thousands of visitors. It is also known as an IT center for large companies located in the city. Not only in the IT sector, but also from Hyderabad & # 39; is a major hub for pharmaceutical companies such as Matrix Laboratories, Laboratory of Dr. Reduit, etc. People come and stay back in the city thanks to the IT center that provides employment for thousands of people who are looking for work.

There are several flights daily fly from Hyderabad airport, which is called the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. It satisfies the needs of the millions of passengers. The main flights, flying from the airport, & # 39 are Indian Airlines, JetLite, IndiGo, SpiceJet, etc. In the city there are several places, such as the Charminar, Birla Mandir, Hussain Sagar, etc. architecture Nizam state. Shopping freak visiting the city to buy pearls, bracelets, jewelry, silverware, etc. All these things show the culture and ethnicity of the past.

If you have not seen the glory of the city, pack your bag and will book the flight. There are many direct flights from various cities such as New Delhi, Mumbai, Cochin, Bangalore, Goa, Udaipur and others. Ordering flights should just check out the website for travel. Various airlines operate your cheap flights and they get huge discounts on air tickets. The best way to get cheap air tickets – is planning a holiday or trip. If you fail to plan, you also need not worry, call the help desk service airline and find the ticket, they offer concessions at the last minute, when the flight has vacancies.

People who regularly travel on the route, may get an additional discount from the airlines. You should be smart enough to reduce the cost of travel. If you can book air tickets through a travel agent, ask them to provide additional discounts because they buy in bulk tickets and airlines can offer you a huge discounts.

Tips and tricks for cheap holidays

Look for the cheapest travel options

If you are traveling abroad to a country that is close by, such as France, there is a tendency to believe that the flight will be the most expensive travel option. However, this is often not the case. If we take into account the fuel, which is related to driving, or the cost of train tickets in the UK and France, as well as the move itself, it often is cheaper to simply jump on a plane. An additional bonus is that you can be at your destination less than an hour, depending on the country in which you are going. So before you book a ferry or Eurostar, simply check the prices on flights. Whichever method you use, make sure that you can book the cheapest way, watch out for hidden fees. It is usually better to book directly, but do not turn off the special offers through booking agents, working less.

Choose accommodation wisely

If you are lucky enough to win a house on one of our exciting auctions, there are a few other cheap options. Of course, camping is revered for an inexpensive way to take a vacation. Nowadays, some campsites may themselves become resorts with swimming pools, bars and restaurants. You also have the opportunity to stay in a mobile home or caravan instead of a tent. If camping – none of your business, self-catering accommodation can work almost as cheap and will give an extra bonus to become a real home. Another option inexpensive vacation – book at the last moment, with most of the hotels that prefer to sell rooms at a greatly reduced price, not in empty rooms.

Self-catering or all-inclusive?

As mentioned above, self-service – a great way to cut costs during the holidays. One of the major expenses you incur when booking travel and accommodation – is the cost of food and beverages. If your apartment for the rest there is a well equipped kitchen to cook nutritious meals is easy with minimal effort. This may seem counter-productive, but all inclusive can also reduce your costs. As long as you pay a little more rest in general, you do not need to get anything of food and drinks on arrival. This means that you could literally go on holiday with £ 50 in his wallet and still come home with a few changes.

Your stay in Las Vegas – to make it happen (Part I)

Lucky that your trip to Vegas will be smooth and incomplete, and your home will be all what you had hoped. These tips will help make your stay more enjoyable. Part I deals with a good pre-planning. Part II talks about what you need to do once you get here.

Pre-planning. Do not let anyone say that planning ahead spoils spontaneity. If anything, it gives you the opportunity to change their minds later.

Step 1. Get to know your partner or companion. Determine with bases. How much we can spend and what we want to make sure? Make a budget. You add so much "fudge factor" as you can comfortably. You can not predict everything, on what you want to spend the money as soon as you arrive.

Step 2: Check the weather & # 39; ie, before the pack. If the winter, ask if everything is still the pool is open.

Step 3: Golfer? Rental clubs. They have a cute, maybe even better than you.

Step 4: Call ahead right now, to show tickets, or go immediately to the line. If you know where you left off, contact the concierge. Show tickets are purchased in advance, sometimes months ahead of time.

Step 5. Remove the restaurant "Mandatory visit". Like the show, some of the restaurants fully booked for weeks in advance, especially around holidays.

Step 6. Examine the purchase. It will certainly be fun to view, when you arrive in town, but if you know you will be looking for some items, go to the Internet early. Imagine you want to go and how much you are likely to spend. This will save time, avoid stress and stickers, and direct you to the shops and stores that really interest you.

Step 7: Evaluate your luggage. There is a place for what you want to take with you, and also for the fact that you can buy? Look at the goods home if your plans call for bulky or fragile purchase.

Step 8: Discuss gambling. Separate bankroll for each of you and agree to limit your game. Do not risk money eggs. Discuss how long it expects to hold each of you in the casino. If it is not in balance, make adjustments (to avoid breaking the expectations).

Step 9: Exercising gambling. Sign up for some online games. Find out what you like before with the & # 39 will be in Vegas. Learn the rules and ropes.

Step 10: Find out what else is going on. Las Vegas, of course, much more than casinos, shows, restaurants and nightclubs. Consider walking on Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, Red Rock Canyon, or any of the many other attractions and excursions. To make the most of the holidays, decide in advance whether you will be a candidate for a trip to some casinos.

Step 11: consciously programming time for each other. If you do not, you will come home with the feeling that you've been so busy that you barely have time to visit with your partner. It would be a shame. Plan a little "nothing" in his schedule.

Step 12: Find out where everything is. Examine the map. Many people waste time because the wrong idea about how close together or far apart, there are different interesting places.

Step 13: Pack for comfort – especially shoes. Distance in Las Vegas can be great, especially for pedestrians, and even more so when it's hot! Within days, you'll be glad to have a comfortable and casual clothes.

Step 14: Packaging for style. You might want to go to the fancy places a couple of times. This can be in a restaurant, nightclub or a show. So you want to have a few things in a suitcase for such special occasions. Make sure that all goes well, before putting it on the trip. Do not waste space in the suitcase with the cut, fleshy pants, sweatshirts, torn jeans and the like, are not welcome in most restaurants and night spots.

Step 15 Plan to spend money on taxis and other local transportation. It is false economy to put a lot of money to be in Las Vegas, and then most of the time on the sidewalk. Speed, efficiency and comfort require a taxi to spend a little time and Limousin, not to say about the meeting, do not get lost!

Step 16: Think about "cold turkey" on electronics. Leave the Blackberry at home. With a laptop. The couple can decide to take cell phones as a means to communicate with each other, but really, if you can not leave work and emails for a few days, maybe you should reconsider the whole idea to take a vacation.

Step 17: Remember the clock, solar array and a camera. Las Vegas does not want you to know how much time, because few hours. If this is what you wanted to know, bring a watch.

If you follow the items on this list, you're ready to go. Part two of this series offers advice on what to do once you arrive on holiday.

North Pole to the South Pole, are planning a trip to Chennai to Delhi?


The capital of Tamil Nadu, Chen, is home to many industrial and commercial establishments. It is famous for its art, music, temples, parks and beaches. Chennai gets a lot of visitors every year, they go to different parts of Chen and out. There are many flights from Chennai to Delhi and other major cities in India, flying from Chennai International Airport, carrying out domestic and international flights.

Chennai is located on the coast of Bay of Bengal. This town has a rich tradition, history and scientific growth in comparison with other states. The city also presents various aspects of Dravidian culture. Chennai is considered the leading commercial center in South India. He takes credit for his contribution to the growth of the economy. Chennai is considered the leading commercial center in South India. He takes credit for his contribution to the growth of the economy. Chennai with & # 39 is home to several industries, such as automobile, software services, petrochemicals, financial services, textiles and equipment.


Delhi – the capital of India, this city has a rich history of kings, the struggle, the movement for freedom and much more. In Delhi we may see the most beautiful sculpture, art, architecture and scenic beauty. In Delhi, a modern cosmopolitan culture and attracts many visitors a variety of purposes. The new dynamics corresponds to the old imperial capital of Delhi. This city bag of endless surprises, and the traveler can not stop to surprise himself in every corner of the city and deserves its name "city of contrasts". The magnificent architecture of the Red Fort, stroll through the gardens of Lal-hernia bustle on the market Sarozhyni Nagar, in this city, you never feel uneasy. Delhi is not limited to this and has more. In this city every year there tend crown. Delhi – a melting pot of diverse cultures, so there are many people who want to get well as its welcoming and homely atmosphere. In Delhi, a very different atmosphere compared to other cities in India. This city caters to all age groups and areas. Not only are people traveling for business, but also for recreation. Delhi, which is located in the north, goes to some exotic destinations.

The best way to travel from Chennai to Delhi – a flight, as the distance is quite far in comparison with travel to other cities. Duration direct flight to Delhi is about 2 hours and 30 minutes, and the flights on flights with stops take from 3 to 4 hours.

There are many airlines that provide countless options for flights from Chennai to Delhi. IndiGo, Air India, JetLite, Jet Airways Konnect and SpiceJet – this airline providing flight services between Chennai and Delhi.

Get the cheapest fare for a flight from Chennai to Delhi by comparing the online portals that provide the best options – an online portal where customers can access the official website of the airline or may enter reservations to the site authorized travel agents. They can book tickets for a single trip or two-way trip. Some airlines offer huge discounts when a customer places an order for the return trip.

Go without the non-cash assets and book tickets online using a debit card, credit card, net banking, promo codes or online wallet and secure payment method. Get great discounts on flights from Chennai to Delhi. Even if it's a last-minute bookings, these web sites will help you get the cheapest price for flights from Chennai to Delhi.

6 ways to provide free passes

Despite its unique advantages, vouchers for free travel – a relatively unknown product on the Internet – primarily because few people understand why companies want to distribute free tickets or free stays in hotels and resorts. The fact that airlines and hotels know that unsold seats and rooms actually become profitable at hand. This is because the recipients of these certificates will eventually be spending money on other services and opportunities offered by the supplier. Thus, to receive income from affordable coupon to rest relatively easy – if you know how to sell this product. Below are 6 ways to sell the free tickets:

1) Article marketing

If done right, marketing of articles – is a completely hassle-free way to sell almost anything. Writing high quality original articles that are properly optimized, you can gain valuable exposure to your products. There are hundreds of free article directories to which you can submit these articles and most allow you to include a resource mailbox – a short chance to convert the reader, forcing them to click on one of your links. If you do not know how to write well, or do not have the time, sites like Elance, Odesk, iFreelance and Guru, can connect you with a good writer. Just do not forget to publish poor quality content to article directories, you should expect to pay 20 to 40 dollars for a really high-quality professional articles.

2.) Travel forums and journals

Comment on the blog – it is a very effective strategy for marketing vouchers. Visiting blogs, forums and websites associated with travel (especially sites with reviews of hotels and resorts), and read the publications of authors and users, you can leave comments on their own. If you write a few brief comments on the articles or blog posts, and include a link to your product, you will develop an authority in your niche and will simultaneously send pre-qualified traffic to your links.

3) e-mail Companies

You can create customer lists manually or you can buy them. Some people even poured a search results page for the list of potential customers, while others use software program that automatically clean out and organize contact information from Web sites and registries, such as the WHOIS database. If you stay within legal boundaries and do not pack one, you can contact the legitimate list and make an offer via e-mail. Thematic lines related to free vacations and lodging in hotels often get great click.

4) Direct Mail

Despite the fact that today might think consumers in the network, direct mail – it's just dead. Offering free vouchers for a trip through the card or flyer – a great way to draw attention to your suggestions. In the end, you are providing free holidays in many cases – it's pretty easy to sell, until you are able to formulate the legitimacy of the program correctly. That is why it is important for you to use the reviews in your direct marketing materials. However, you should only use real testimonials of customers who used your certificates to stay in all the guidelines the FTC (Federal Trade Commission).

5) Printing

Advertising in newspapers, trade magazines, local or regional editions of sales or other types of printing, you can easily bring to your offers qualified customers. Since your product is actually free (you can pay for the voucher, if you want, but you will earn affiliate income if your customer to redeem the certificates), some publishers may allow you to print free of charge: many sensitive sections of newspapers allow advertisers to the list of free things for free. In fact, vouchers for free travel is so versatile that you can distribute printed proposals manually in any place that you can legally ask.

6.) Website

The best way to offer customers free vouchers for a trip – to create their own web site and save it unique and quality content. In fact, to be successful, you will probably need to use multiple marketing methods listed earlier in conjunction with the original site. For example, you can drive traffic to your website using article marketing, commenting in the blog and electronic companies, forcing users off-line visit your site with an incredible offer. The website is also a great way to build brand loyalty and establish itself as an authority in the field of travel. In addition, you can learn how to create and maintain your own website is very inexpensive, or transfer it to the authors, who will be able to. Vysokaaptymizavanyya WordPress websites can create and provide content in minutes.

Effective marketing – is the key to success with a free voucher for the trip. If you need to learn more about these and other types of marketing, visit their respective Web sites, such as the Forum of soldiers, angry fire and Marketing Alliance to connect and learn from experts in your niche.

Greystok – it's not all about Tarzan!

Greystoke – this enchanted village with traditional roofs with roofing slate, which date from the 17th century. Just five miles west of Penryta, Greystoke has a beautiful green village with an ancient market cross, which is expected at the beginning of the 1600s. Unfortunately, he has no direct connection with Tarzan, but we think that he once stayed in one of the first cottage cottages near the lake.

Situated opposite the village green – Boot and Shoe, coaching hotel of the 17th century. This traditional family-run pub which serves home-cooked meals and produce local ales together with specialized crust, steak and tapas. All year you will find an eclectic music music on Sunday. Keep track of carols with traditional mulled wine and mince pies from. If you are tired after a day, you can join a session Boot Music Jam, playing, singing or just listening to every second and fourth Monday.

In September Greystoke conduct Beer festival with live music, collecting funds for the outdoor pools. Tickets can be purchased on site or on a voluntary basis, if they remain at the bar area, in exchange for free entry!

Country Store is located in the heart of the village. You can expect friendly service at the family shop, selling the usual newspapers, and products together with local meats and freshly baked bread. Open seven days a week, the store also has counters address.

The value in the crown Greystoka – an open-air swimming pool, which opened in 1973. By the main pool has a small swimming pool for children, which has a small hill in the shallow end. Snacks and drinks can be enjoyed while sitting on the benches for a picnic by the pool. The pool is open from April to September and in his work the volunteers, so it is advisable to call or check the work site.

Pool is part of the district sports association, which also offers two children's playgrounds, a soccer field and a free village car park.

For safe family cycling roads, forest Greystok, part of the castle estate, offers a variety of tracks in a beautiful forest.

An important place for cyclists, Greystok located at the intersection of roads from coast to coast and the end of the land to John O & Route 39; The well-equipped tea garden and cycling cafe with beautiful views of the park and the castle Greystok, and a variety of homemade cakes, cream teas and lunches for cyclists and netsyklistav. Shed works catering for cyclists with not only hot food and drinks, but also spare inner tubes, chain oil and sudakremam!

Cycle Cafe also works & # 39; whimsical workshop & # 39; year-round from the walls of dry stone sculptures from chicken wire and first aid to any drawing and painting. You should check their website for a wide and eclectic list.

Church of St. Andrew – a good example of a tower of Pele, a unique design for the north of England, specially built for protection against attacks from the invasion of the Scottish forces. The church is of great interest, including the ancient stained-glass windows, modern sculptures and artifacts dating back to the 14th century, with complete data at the information stands of the whole church.

In the vicinity there are several cottages Greystoke lake area, which make the ideal base to explore the unknown number of Cumbria.

Beautiful Barcelona – Easy Travel Guide

The beautiful city of Barcelona, ​​capital of Catalonia (province of Spain), located on the Mediterranean Sea and is bordered at both ends with two delta. Barcelona – the second largest city in Spain after Madrid capital. Barcelona has a population of 1.5 million, more than 4 million, including the suburbs. Diverse, rich history of the city dates back 4000 years, from the first settlements by ancient farmers. Later he became a Roman colony, the capital of the Visigoths, and then he fell under the power of Mauritius. He went through the siege, destruction and occupation, finally becoming an autonomous democracy 1975 City has always played an important role in political and cultural life of Spain and is well displayed in the variety and quality of historic buildings, museums and many other tourist attractions. Today Barcelona – one of the most diverse cities in Europe with a unique culture and rich traditions. Here you can find a formidable balance of the traditional things and the avant-garde. The cosmopolitan metropolis of Barcelona offers visitors a warm and sincere welcome, recognized worldwide as one of the best tourist cities in Europe. The organization Barcelona Olympics in 1992 ensured the revival of this vibrant city, and gave it a new beginning for infrastructure development.

What will happen and where:

Interests – La Rambla – lined with trees, pedestrian boulevard full of robbers, living statues, and by wandering vendors who sell everything from lottery tickets to jewelry. Pavement cafes and stands selling products, street performers surrounded by curious visitors, noisy bird market, Palo de deux Vireyna, grand rococo mansion of the 18th century, Teatro del Lisyu, the famous Opera House of the 19th century – all colorful. part of the mosaic of La Rambla. La Rambla ends at the lofty monument wheel (Monument to Columbus) and the harbor.

Barri Gotic – also known as Gothic Quarter is the oldest part of the city. Picasso lived and worked in Bari gothic from 1895 to 1904 and Joan Miro was born and lived here in his youth. The Gothic Quarter is located on the right side of La Rambla. It contains a high medieval Gothic buildings (14-15 century) on narrow cobbled streets and now with the & # 39 is home to most of the city's nightlife.

La Sagrada Familia – La Sagrada Familia – one of the most famous and magnificent among Barcelona's attractions. Life's work of the famous architect Antoni Gaudi in Barcelona, ​​magnificent spiers of the unfinished cathedral affect safely to heaven with steep outlines inspired by the holy mountain Montserrat. Above each facade rises four towers, a total of 12, who are dedicated to the apostles. The tower in the center, the highest of all 170 m., Is dedicated to Jesus Christ. Around them are the towers of the four evangelists, and the tower over the apse is dedicated to the Virgin. They are encrusted with a tangle of sculptures that seem to breathe life into the stone. Gaudi died in 1926 before his skilful work has been completed, and since then the dispute is constantly proclaimed the program of construction. Nevertheless, Western (passionate) facade is almost done, and the nave, begun in 1978, is progressing.

La Pedrera – Casa Mila (La Pedrera) – this apartment building, the latest example of civil architecture of Gaudi. This is one of its most prominent and ambitious creations, extraordinarily innovative in its functional, constructive and ornamental aspects. Visitors can view the building and climb on the roof, where you can see spectacular views of Barcelona. On one floor under the roof is a modest museum dedicated to Gaudi's work.

Montjuic – the largest open space in the city, its main attractions with a & # 39 are the Olympic installations, the Spanish village and the castle on the hill. In the south-west of the hill of Montjuic, overlooking the city center, there are several fine art galleries, amusement for relaxation, soothing parks and the main group of Olympic venues in 1992. Montjuic is covered with ornamental gardens with water features and a & # 39 is the most popular destination in Barcelona on Sundays.

Tybidaba – is the highest hill in the forest, forming a background of Barcelona. With its amazing views of the whole of Barcelona, ​​a stunning cathedral and family fun park Parc d'& # 39; Atraksy amusement of the old style, which offer breathtaking views. Glass under the & # 39; lift in the park is at 115 m (up to 383 feet) to the observation area for visitors to the telecommunications tower Torre de Collserola.

Modernizm – spectacular modernist architectural creations dotted around the city famous Antoni Gaudi and his contemporaries.

Camp Nou – home F.C. Barcelona, ​​one of the leading football teams in Europe, which has nearly 100 000 spectators.

CMEA Cathedral – Built in medieval times on the site of a Roman temple, La Seu – one of the greatest Gothic buildings in Spain.

Parc de Syutadela – Barcelona's favorite park and a meeting Sunday to seven & # 39; families, friends and ducks

Sardana – traditional Catalan dance, which is performed outside the cathedral and at national festivals, with everyone calling for participation.

MUSEUM – The museum of pre-Columbian art Barb & # 39; e-Muller – Europe's only museum dedicated exclusively dakalumbiyskim cultures. His collection, located in the Gothic palace, with & # 39 is one of the best of these species and gives visitors an insight into the rich world of the earliest cultures on the American continent. This tiny museum contains one hundred pieces, including wood and stone sculptures, ceramics, tapestries, jade, often found in international exhibitions and prestige publications. The exhibits represented the Olmec civilization, the Maya, Aztec, Chavin, Mojica and Inca.

Palau de la Música Catalani – one of the most extraordinary music halls in the world, he & # 39 is a landmark in Barcelona. Of polychrome ceramic Vikon based on Carrer de Sant Pere Mes Alt, as well as busts of Palestrina, Bach, Beethoven and Wagner, Palau & # 39 is the flagship of architecture madernalistav Barcelona.

Picasso Museum – the most visited museum in Barcelona. 3,500 exhibits make up the permanent collection. Picasso spent in Barcelona for several years (1901-06), and this collection is particularly strong refers to his earlier work. Exhibits include sketches of childhood, pictures of beautiful pink and blue periods and the famous variations kubisskiya 1950 in Las Mennini Velazquez ( "Ladies in Waiting").

Casa Gaudi Museum – Gaudi lived in this pink house Alice-in-Countries from 1906 to 1926, which now houses a museum of furniture, designed by Gaudi, ornaments, figures, portraits and busts of the architect.

Fundacio Miro – it was a gift from the famous artist Joan Miró hometown. The museum opened in 1975, and now he & # 39 is one of the most exciting showcases of contemporary art of Barcelona.

Crying – one of the greatest Barcelona draw, of course, its beautiful beaches. Besides the world-famous Costa Brava and Costa Dorada, located 1 hour drive from Barcelona, ​​there are also several beautiful beaches the length of more than 4 km in the city, we will list here only a few: Nova Icaria- Closest to the Olympic marina, always crowded this broad blackish golden sand is great for food visitors. On the waterfront there are three perfect beach bars and two very popular restaurants (Mango and Chiringuito de Moncho) and countless bars and restaurants, which are just a short walk. Bogatell- This beach is twice the length of adjoining Nova Icaria and fringed by a stone path, ideal for jogging, skating and cycling. Three large informal restaurant on the waterfront. Mar Bella (Metro Ciutadella Vila Olimpica, plus 20 minutes on foot) – the only naturystychny beach of Barcelona near the peaceful park – good for a picnic or siesta under the trees. Barceloneta – wide and long, a traditional and popular stretch with locals, crowded, noisy and very jolly.

Koga PADEHATS, SAMETRY: The best times to visit Barcelona – late spring and early fall when the weather & # 39; e yet comfortably warm, about 21-25 ° C. Summers are hot and humid, the average temperature is 30 (86 + F ). Especially avoid the "dead" month of August, when many shops, bars and restaurants close for the month as many local inhabitants sent to the city. Winters cool with daytime temperatures of about 12 C (59 F), sometimes rainy.

PADEMLENNE HERE AND WORKS: Direct flights to Barcelona via Madrid or via another large European city from almost any major airports in the world. The highest prices for travel from May to September, the lowest in March-April and October-November and December-February (excluding Christmas and New Year, when prices rise). Note also that flying on weekends may increase the cost of your ticket. If you are traveling to Barcelona from within Europe you can also choose the train, bus or car, although they take much longer than a plane and often do not get cheaper. Many Mediterranean cruises include Barcelona as a port of call.

Location: We can offer you a wide choice. You can choose vacation rentals in Barcelona starting from US $ 125 for a double room in a 4-star apartment-hotel. Or you can opt for hotels from $ 65 USD for a double room in a three-star hotel. Accommodation prices do not change much throughout the year due to the constant off-season arrival of visitors to this extremely popular tourist city and surrounding resorts.

CHOICE: Besides restaurants you can with the & # 39; is in the bar, where you will have a few tapas (small snacks – three or four pieces of fish, meat or vegetables or salad, which traditionally served free with a drink) or diets (larger ). bar option can be much more interesting, allowing you to make tours and tasting local dishes. Typically, the average cost of food, consisting of two dishes and dessert, will be about 25 euros. Travelers with a very limited budget can do yourself a favor, taking advantage of excellent markets, bakeries and delicacies and filling sandwiches and snacks. Decent restaurants and cafes are easily found throughout the city, although you'll probably have more than just where you do most of the sightseeing in the old town, especially in La Rambla and Bari Gothic. Look for the best and most genuine seafood restaurants of Barcelona, ​​a seaside neighborhood. In the vicinity of the Gothic Quarter are some of the oldest and most traditional restaurants in the city. Gracia is very popular among young people during the weekend, it is the leader among the exotic restaurants (Lebanese, Egyptian, Thai, etc.).

TRANSPORT: Barcelona has excellent transport system, which consists of the metro (subway), buses, trains and funicular railway network and the cable car. You can find a link to transport maps at the end of our directory. In public transport you can buy a single ticket every time you ride, but even for a couple of days less cakes – buy trading discounts. Target T-10 acts to ten separate travel by metro, buses and trains. These tickets can use multiple people. Metro – the fastest way to get around Barcelona. For black and yellow taxis have a minimum charge of € 2. You're obviously going to have a lot more freedom when renting a car. Major roads in the city are generally good, and traffic is generally well behaved, although in Spain one of the highest cases of road traffic accidents in Europe. He also has some of the lowest fuel prices in the continent.

Shop: Barcelona, ​​one of the most stylish cities in Europe offers great shopping, from designer clothes and accessories to household items. You will find the city cheap enough for many items, especially if you coincide with the annual sales (rebaiz in Spanish), which lasts from mid-January until the end of February and during the whole of July and August. The best shopping area in Barcelona – the old streets at the top of the Ramblas. Souvenirs include ceramics, which are widely sold on the streets around the cathedral; leather goods; city ​​delicacies, particularly cooked Catalan meats and sausages; porron (glass drinking jar) CDs and tapes of Catalan rock and pop, Sardana, Spanish rock or flamenco. If you are looking for original gift ideas, some of the best hunting can be found in the shops of any of the city's museums, where you will find reasonable prices and unique examples of Catalan disagreement (graphics) and other original objects from postcards to replica works of art.

We wish you a pleasant and safe journey!

Advantages and disadvantages of traveling by train in Spain

Spain train efficiently, quickly and relatively cheap. But in order to go by train, you need to do the route, without perceiving anything for granted.

There are a number of routes that are not very well maintained, and the coverage is also not effective in many places. You can not expect that everything will be cheap and fast, always choose to travel by train. Planning involves viewing and going through all the different schedules and train routes in Spain. Various websites and portals can meet your needs.

There is no doubt that a lot of time to travel by train in Spain will be cheaper than traveling long distances to any other country. In fact, the fare by train in Spain is almost twice less than in Germany or France. Sometimes a trip to Spain, trains can also be extremely luxurious, especially if you're going on a trip by train to La doing. Luxury packages from Bilbao to Leon are also available.

Train travel in Spain and takes very little time, especially on buses Madrid-Barcelona and Madrid-Seville route. Passenger travel and Eurail also travel to Spain. There are a number of discounts offered by these trains and the services that they offer is also good, but by choosing him to be very clever.

ticket assistance, representation and easier than booking a bus. There is only one major company that caters to a variety of services. You do not need to continue to seek services. Trains also facilitated in the room, unlike buses.

Work easy as possible, using an interactive map that contains all the trains from Spain, especially rail Europe. This euro offers cheap rail tickets on the entire continent. This euro offers maps for most European rail routes.

Traveling by train also has some disadvantages in Spain. Sometimes those tickets are not cheap, and the journey is not always fast. Sometimes you need to pay extra. Many times you also get direct routes, and you end up spending a lot of time. Sometimes you also becomes difficult to ensure that the train service should be used. Although there are varieties of services, but the script sometimes becomes very confusing. The situation is complicated in respect of the northern and eastern Spain. Compare prices and good study of all routes can travel by train suitable for you.

Flights from LAX to SFO – is the fastest way from LA to SF

The easiest way to find flights from LAX to SFO – use the site, which is about & # 39; combines the tariff for travel, and enter the dates of departure and return. You can determine whether you want to search for flights economy or business class.

There are several airlines that offer this route between the two popular cities of California. Usually the cheapest when booking direct flight for about 17 -21 days. For flights with a link is actually cheaper to book 90 days in advance. Usually not much difference in price between buying a flight and bilateral.

California – great staff – between Los Angeles and San Francisco – 347 miles. Normally the flight is typically slightly less than one and a half hours. Flights from LAX to SFO cheapest in July and October, and the most expensive in June. The price corresponds to the rest of the month.

Some of the many airlines that offer flights include:

• United Airlines

• American Airlines

• Alaska

• AeroMexico

• Virgin America

• Ethiopian Airlines

• all Nippon Airways

• Singapore Airlines

• JetBlue

• WOW Air

• limit

• Delta

United provides almost 1/3 of direct flights. Seattle, Washington – the most popular city, connecting this flight. Wednesday – the busiest day for the flight in the SFA from LAX. The most reliable airlines that have the highest percentage of on time arrival in the SFA, – Delta, American and Alaska Airlines.

Rent a car after the flight

There are many varieties of hire cars and public transport, which will help you get from the airport to the hotel in San Francisco. You can even combine a car rental and a hotel room with the cost of tickets. Sometimes, to make it cheaper than try to book everything separately. There are many budget hotels and taverns to choose from. SF – it's an amazing city with binding sites, such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman's Wharf and Alcatraz prison.

It is necessary to leave the car behind in Los Angeles? Parking at LAX is available at a price. Airport offers short-term, long-term and economical parking options. If you wish to use public transport, you can call one of the few companies operating in the airport, or take a free shuttle from Green Green metro station.

Flights from LAX to SFO are available throughout the day and night, so there is room for flexibility. You can easily find affordable plane ticket regardless of the route. While discounts at the last minute are rare, you never know when someone may be a & # 39 appears.

Travelocity Use the search function to find and compare discount flights from LAX to SFO. The site is very easy to use, and you can plan your entire trip. You can also get budget accommodation and car rental, using coupon codes Travelocity.

The strategy of social media Jet Airway

Using social media as a B2C tool – with a new & # 39; for the reality of business in India. The scale on the level of activity of a non-profit that companies can not help but try to use something that can be profitable. He may or may not be an important tool for the future, but meanwhile it is too potentially valuable to ignore. Anything that can give you – or your competitors – a competitive advantage – it is necessary to know at a critical time like this.

As always, the pioneers in this field are the low price airlines, but – perhaps a sign of the changed times – many airlines with full service as much acquired social media sites. The first participants observed positive deviation from its activities. One of them – Jet Airways.

Jet Airways was a long journey since the first flight in 1993. This is one of the fastest growing airlines in the world, and is now all set to change the way the flight – for the better! It started very well, and they seem to have the pioneers of the Indian aviation industry to use social media for marketing.

Availability of Jet Airways in Social Media

Fans of social networking

Facebook – 64,222, Twitter – 4348

Jet Airways regularly updates on Facebook and Twitter for our latest offers and travel offers new ads about flights, interesting places to visit Queries / Dispatch (on the timing of flights, luggage)

They have uploaded pictures on image sharing sites such as Flickr and videos on YouTube, to demonstrate its features during the flight. Fliers of this airline, which for the first time have an opportunity to get acquainted with entertainment and other features offered on its flights.

She also started affiliate marketing program as part of a new digital marketing strategy for the airline. Affiliate partners may integrate Jet Airways reservation mechanism on your site and allow visitors to book tickets online. In addition to direct access to personal airline reservation systems, affiliate partners also regularly receive promotional content and banners. Thus, Jet Airways, one of the first adopted this model in India, could pave the way for others to follow suit.