Vieques, Puerto Rico – Getting there, part 1

To get to the state in the & # 39; from the United States eke can be easily and inexpensively. It is no more difficult than flying to the Florida Keys and less hassle than traveling to almost any other island of the Caribbean. Here are a few tips on how to do it when I travel back and forth.

To begin, Puerto Rico – US commonwealth and American citizens do not need a passport to enter or exit now. Over time, this will change, but we'll figure it out later. Wherever you fly to the United States, you book a flight to San Juan International Airport (SJU). Almost every major city on the East Coast to conduct direct flights to San Juan several times a day.

Order as soon as possible in a flight to San Juan. If you are coming from the east coast such as New York or D.TS., you can easily arrive before noon. This will give you plenty of time and opportunity to get to Veka the same day.

You have two ways to get to the island, fly or take a ferry. Let's start with the latter. Ferry Veke is located in the town of Fajardo, who is thirty-five miles from San Juan and several times a day. From San Juan Airport you will reach the minibus taxis, called Publico, to Fajardo. Not far from the application area on luggage at the airport there is a public stand. The journey currently costs $ 80 and takes about forty-five minutes to an hour depending on traffic. Here, one quick note: taxi drivers in San Juan can be Var & # 39; yatskimi. If you are a soldier returning home from convoy duty in Iraq, you will be very comfortable to ride. For the rest of you, take a Valium and hang. Cabs speak in English, and you have to give them feedback. I give an extra 20 dollars, if we do not kill anyone.

Once you get to Fajardo you throw on the ferry. You want to purchase the tickets immediately. Ticket agents are in a smaller building directly across the street from the main terminal. This can be very chaotic scene on a small street, so Get your taxi, he pointed to where to go.

The ferry costs only $ 2 per person one way, but you can charge an extra ticket if your luggage is extremely large. Keep your bags with always. Theft is rare, and the terminal can always see several police officers, but do not tempt idiots. If you have a large group and a pile of bags, send one person to buy tickets for all, but indicate the agent group. They will determine whether you need additional tickets for the bags. Do not try to sneak into luggage without paying. It will not work, and you are likely to miss the boat because of it.

Plan to stay in the terminal and in line at least an hour before departure time. The first ferry comes first serve and once it is full, they leave. To get to the boat, at best, chaotic, and local residents to promote yourself before you to be the first. NOT abrazhaytsesya it. Ferry from & # 39 is a rescue platform to Vieques. Many locals work in Fajardo, not to mention the school doctor and the shop on the main island. they all want to return home to their seven & # 39; families, and they do not write just because you are a tourist-grynga. Keep a smile on your face but be persistent and you will get a place.

The ferries rarely leave on time, but usually go for half an hour on the schedule. If you are prone to motion sickness, sit on the upper deck in the fresh air. The main cabin is equipped with air conditioning, as a meat locker, and in dirty water you want your eyes on the horizon. The trip usually takes an hour, depending on sea conditions. You arrive at the terminal in Isabel Segundo on the north side of Vieques. If you need a taxi to the guest house, you will find a number of versions, parked on your right.

Using the ferry puts a lot more effort and uncertainty in a trip to Vieques, but at the price of $ 2 per person is stealing. If you have four in the evening, you will spend about $ 25 per person, including travel by taxi from San Juan. If you take the plane, you will spend at least $ 90. I will relate a few tips on the flight in part 2.

Theme parks are too sensitive to national tragedies

Theme parks – the greatest source of fun and entertainment to life. No other place can not restore such a strange experience in the world. They are a great value – it works, and, probably, I think, that there is hardly any kind of area or in the parks, which will be left without the creative aspect. Creativity – is the last thing they want to leave. Although it seems that they are willing to sacrifice anything for its unique creative proposals, but they are sensitive to both national tragedies. If the cause of the tragedy the nation, for example, in Las Vegas, shooting in this case, in the parks have the courage to change your most popular experience. The Universal Orlando Main Event Halloween nation – is most characteristic step. It's not that all together disables Park Festival "Halloween Horror Nights Fest", but it takes a certain solidarity, emphasizing the main piece of content from the hit show – a great adventure Bill and Ted's Halloween at the event in 2017.

Show "Bill and Ted in 2017" is set in the mega-holiday site, where two boys set epic celebration show. But the Grim Reaper to kill all the offers on holiday. Epic Adventures Halloween derived from leading Bill and Ted to keep pop culture and public. But after the tragedy in Las Vegas, the show should consider a different story. Instead megafestyvalyu many days it's just a simple concert featuring Wyld Stallyions. And the grim reaper no longer a threat to pop culture or the public. In the end it just after the two boys.

Although the show had not someone else's changes. But the changes arising from the "Tragedy" – the biggest of all in the history of the show. For fans who are hard of age, it can be difficult to digest. I think that a sharp turn or setting of this concept, of course, ends with the experience not the same as expected. There are times when the change of the storyline in general is launching a new experience. But in the case of Bill and Ted's probably the excitement and fun to suffer to a certain extent. But then this thing, and Universal Orlando is sensitive to big situations. The resort is good because it gives one of their best deals. Indeed, it shows his immediate response to the great suffering in the moment when the nation suffered a tragedy that left behind 59 dead and about 500 injured.

London City Airport is cruel

Lutang London airport with the & # 39 is the fourth largest UK airports after Gatwick, Heathrow and Stansted. In addition, it is the fifth saturated London airport in terms of passenger traffic. He sharply expanding its horizon to meet the needs of passengers.

There is only one runway length of 1160 meters, the height of 526 feet. The runway is equipped with an instrument landing. 60 stands located in the aircraft. In order to give more travelers the airport there is a specific plan, which has a ground entrance to the road to the terminal.


There is only one runway length of 2160 meters. instrument landing system allows the airport to manage their operations properly. London Airport Terminal Lutang boasts an extensive collection of bars, shops, restaurants, roof racks, flight information system, reception area, sixty registration tables. Part of the ground floor extends to 9000 square feet and has a stunning vaulted ceiling. There is a large parking area for passengers, who can park their cars.

Plans for the future

Initially, the airport has developed a plan to increase the ways of the runway, but halted his plans for some reason. It is planned to extend the runway from 2,160 meters to the total length of 3,000 m. With this improvement Lutang London airport will be able to handle more passengers more convenient.

All these factors underscore the importance and features of the London airport Lutang. Once you got into this airport, you will get an unforgettable experience. What else do you expect from the airport? Here, all the comfort and facilities well located to meet the passengers. You can easily kill the waiting time by browsing the network and the meal in the restaurant. Finally, Lutang London airport with the & # 39 is the best mode of transport, so be prepared to have the experience.

The airport has a wide and a huge parking area for vehicles and provides instant access to the passenger terminal through the parking lot. In the case when people are late, they can get direct access to the terminal through the parking lot, which is located next to the terminal. There are several public transport services, which will help you get to the airport, such as shuttle buses and taxis. If you hire a taxi, you will reach the entrance gate to the airport immediately. If you choose the bus for the trip, then you will be put on the gate at the airport.

Getting the best deal on the online travel search tools

Just type the word "trip" in your favorite search engine and you'll be inundated with travel search tools that claim they can get you the best deal. Every day on the Internet appears more and more online travel search systems.

There is no doubt that the use of travel search tool for hotels, flights, and car rental can save you money and time, but it is important to remember that when searching for travel you will only search among the hotels, flights, car hire and other businesses related to the travel, which search company has concluded agreements.

If you want to get the best deal, you will need to look for the choice of search engines, make sure that you are looking for a wide cross-section of tourism companies to buy.

To try it, I chose ten hotels search systems from which you can book hotels in Sydney, Toronto, Paris, Cape Town and New Orleans. The search engines were introduced by the same date of admission and departure, as well as to the numbers of claims.

Number of offered hotels showed that just over 60% of hotels have been common to all search engines, mainly of large chain hotels. Only half of the hotels of the remaining 40% has been found in several search engines.

The best deals for the price were the hotel, unique to one or two search sites.

The same exercise was repeated for the search engines flight. Some of the exploratory missions systems could not provide flights to selected destinations in the days that are included in a search engine.

Many systems provide travel search hotels, flights and car rentals. If these search engines have been used for a car rental, it was obvious that the best deals can be found by referring directly to the car rental company that offers direct service to the destination.

So you can find the most favorable offer and collect a package holiday that is right for you, go to On the website you can find a variety of hotels, flights, car hire in the search engines to choose from. There are also many other resources that can help you get the best price and check availability directly from the travel agencies of all kinds, ranging from tickets to a theater and events, to luxury cruises and package holidays.

Algeciras Spain: Visit the city of the Old World

Algeciras – Spanish port city in the southern region of Andalucia on the Mediterranean Sea. City Algeciras – one of the closest to the Spanish cities of the African continent, and Morocco – the closest continental African country.

It is worth mention that, even though in English we say Algeciras, many locals and Spaniards who are not from the & # 39 Andalusia are likely pronounce it, AL-KA-THEE-RAS. If you say it in English, AL-JE-CEE-RAS, some, many are looking at you blankly and will not know what you're talking about.

City Algeciras – a medium-sized city, as the population of Algeciras is just over 115 thousand people, and part of the metro area of ​​about 260 000 people. its place in the South of Spain is home to a lot of people in North Africa and the Middle East.


Like the Rock of Gibraltar, about 4 miles to the east, there is evidence of human habitation in Algeciras back to Roman and even prehistoric times. However, the actual foundation of the city was, most likely, by the Romans.

City of Algeciras, thanks to its "strategic location, for centuries been a place of conflict. Since its first relocation, after control of Rome in 711 by the Moors, who invaded in modern Spain, Algeciras was conquered, captured and destroyed more than once.

During the Crusades Algeciras was captured by Castile, which is a part of modern Spain with the help of other Christian powers of Europe in 1344, after numerous and long siege, which began in 1278, however in 1368 the Moors conquered the city and destroyed it completely. After the Moors destroyed Algeciras, this area was abandoned for more than 330 years, until it was finally resettled in 1704 by fugitives from Gibraltar. Despite the fact that the Spaniards made him the city until the 1760s, it was used in the same plan, which is in many ways similar to what we see today.


Algeciras economy is based mainly on the industry as a major seaport. However, as in many regions of Spain, Algeciras took a hit due to the financial crisis, which suffers from Europe, especially Spain itself. Even though the financial crisis, the Algeciras port is still considered the 16th busiest port in the world. The city has many different kinds of industries, such as fishing, export / import, as well as many agricultural products coming from distant rural farms, which includes cereals, tobacco and farm animals.

Algeciras – there is a wealthy city, and it is somewhat apparently because he is not the most well-kept of all Spanish cities, but not bad. Given the situation with the bad economy across the country, people still seem to be a great honor to their city. People Algeciras is actually very hard-working, and some have small shops in town that sell anything from tourist souvenirs to fruit and vegetables.


Recently, Algeciras has become a tourist destination as well as transportation makes it easy to get to Algeciras. To get to / from Algeciras possible so as Madrid by train or by car, La Linnaeus / Gibraltar by bus or car and Morocco by ferry.

There is no airport, which caters to Algeciras, although there is a helicopter with regular flights across the strait to Cueto, a Spanish city on the African continent. The nearest airport to Algeciras is actually controlled by the British to the territory of Gibraltar. However, due to the policy, you can get direct flights to England from Gibraltar and only from England. The nearest international airport on the Spanish mainland – Jerez Airport, about 63 miles west of Algeciras.

As in many other European cities, Algeciras has a well-connected bus system and brain. If you are arriving by train and want to take the bus at any time of your stay, or if you are arriving by bus and plan to take the train, try to go to the appropriate stations before heading to the residence. Bus and train station right across the street from each other. Going before, you can buy train tickets in advance to avoid a situation of "no place." You will also have enough time to ask any questions, and find out which buses direct or require changes. Moreover, since the time of departure and arrival may vary, you can confirm the time and date of the next drive. If you arrive late at night, keep in mind that you need to get to their hotel before night fall. If you feel that the night is approaching too fast, keep in mind that you should plan to return to the station in the morning. By the way, at the bus station "Algeciras", seems to have the cleanest public bathrooms in the city!

If someone flew to Madrid on the way to Algeciras, it would be easier and faster to get on a fast train to Algeciras; about 5 hours drive of about 55 US dollars per person. is usually two departures in Algeciras train for a day from Madrid, one in the morning, around 8:30 in the morning and one in the afternoon, around 3:15 PM. All trains depart from the central train station of Madrid.

It is important to remember that the time and frequency of trains are subject to change at any time. If you know the day you want to go to Algeciras, try to book a trip before you leave Madrid International Airport. After registration of the customs at the airport ticket office is located, not the station. It would seem easier to book online or over the phone, but it is to be feared that not all sites have honest representatives and may be more likely to increase the amount of the sale. However, it is recommended to check the online schedule schedules so you know how to have a general idea of ​​what to expect upon arrival. Again, we recommend that you make a stop at the train ticket office at the airport upon arrival in Madrid.

It is also important to know that when you buy a ticket for a direct train to Algeciras will stop, but the train does not need a transplant. Algeciras will be the last stop on the route, so to know if a & # 39; drive is not difficult.

If you wish to travel to Malaga, Spain from Algeciras, it is better to take the bus. As mentioned in the paragraph above, not all members of the network of trains will be fair, as you may try to sell you unnecessary expanded ticket. A good example of this: a direct train route to Algeciras and Malaga does not exist, but there is a train. You can take the train from Algeciras to Cordoba, move the train and ride from Cordoba to Malaga. The trip takes about 4 hours and 45 minutes. You can also take the train from Algeciras to Babadily, move the train and ride with Babadily to Malaga. This trip takes about 5 hours. Any of these trips will take you to the spectacular mountain views, as well as the country of Spain. Any one of these trips are not the cheapest and the best use of the time, if you do not have extra money and time and you want to see this extra excursion.

Without a doubt, "bus" – the fastest and cheapest form of public transport to Algeciras and Malaga. In addition, about a half hour bus ride to Malaga with breathtaking views, where you will drive along the coastal highway over the Mediterranean Sea.

Rent a car, and travel from Madrid to Algeciras – possible opportunity. However, we must bear in mind that car rental can be very expensive. The price of gas in Spain is 5.50 to 6.50 US dollars equivalent at the time of writing, in mid-2012. The trip is approximately 425 miles and will take about 7-1 / 2 hours without stopping.

Ferry – the easiest way to cross the Strait of Gibraltar from Algeciras, which is sent to Morocco. There are two directions that are available on the ferry from Algeciras, Tanzhyra, Morocco and Cueto, Spain. As I mentioned above, the helicopter in Cueto available. However, when Morocco is the only reason to go through the strait, then ferry ride would be the easiest way. travel time varies as using different types of ferries. High steam takes about 30 minutes, and slow vapor may take up to 2-1 / 2 hours. Prices will Var & # 39; iravatstsa depending on a number of factors, such as one-way or return journey, high-speed or normal speed, and the company, which is used, although most will be competitive in price tariffs. Due to the large demand for the use of this route in the day arrives and leaves set. To conduct research on a variety of hands, the ferry companies, some of them on the Internet, it is the most reasonable. It should be noted that safety should be considered when traveling to Morocco.


To get to Gibraltar, Algeciras is achieved easier by bus. From the bus station ticket office at Algeciras you are not able to buy a ticket, but only advise the bus number that you want, and its departure time. Payment will be taken on the bus.

Since Gibraltar – is foreign territory, controversial at the same time, the buses can not cross the border. The bus that goes to the Rock of Gibraltar, in fact, went to the nearest Spanish town of La Lana. The bus can make a lot of stops on the way, even though you do not need to change buses. However, before boarding the bus still ask the driver if he would direct bus. Most drivers will understand and will speak in English; enough to understand your question and answer.

On arrival at the bus station of La Linea, go to the main exit / entrance, the locals will use a shortcut: the bus instead of the bus, rather than through the station. After exiting the station you will find yourself on a circular path. Look left and you will see the Rock of Gibraltar. You have to go on the road, which looks as if talking directly to the Rock. You will leave the main road, cross it and turn left again. Continue to walk along this road until you see that the car is turning right, looks like toll booths, is the limit. Make sure you are on the right side of the road as it is a pedestrian entrance / border crossing. Customs – it's just a walk, but make sure your passport is in your hand; Most likely, it will not be stamped seal.

After crossing the border, you will notice that the cars do not go to the left, as in England, and to the right, as in Spain.

About a hundred yards before they get to the airport strip, you will see stop. You can either join all and just walk through the runway Gibraltar approximately 5 blocks, or wait for the bus (which runs approximately every 15 minutes) and purchase a day traveled card for just € 2 per person for unlimited bus to 9 pm local time. You are now on your way to a beautiful day in Gibraltar and save a ton of money!

local site

In Algeciras you can see many interesting places. It is such an old city, historical set of buildings. Most city streets are still made out of an old stone bridge, as the city has a very old world. Due to the uneven surfaces of the city and the city pavkrutyh slopes, not all areas of Algeciras recommended for people with impaired gait.

Plaza Alta or High Plaza in English, with the & # 39 is a very popular place for tourists to visit and photograph. The locals like to sit and feed the birds. Beautifully fascinating area is situated in one of the most important historical areas of Algeciras, surrounded by restaurants, bars and shops. If you go to the south side of the city, you can take the elevator instead of walking on a fairly steep hill. Elevator is very easy to find and identify, located on the main road, which separates the city from the port area.

The central attraction of the Plaza Alta to & # 39 is a tiled fountain surrounded by beautiful palm trees. Railings and benches that surround this colorful fountain, made from mosaic tiles, hand written individually, all from different scenes, telling about the unique historical fact or history. Despite the fact that in the 1780s was a fountain and the market area, which is called the Alto Plaza, it has not been altered and "urbanized" in 1807, but similar to what we see today.

Church on the Plaza Altai

On the area of ​​Alto are two churches, which are of great historical significance and are of value to the city of Algeciras, both are actually older than most of the Plaza Alta. The latest and greatest of the two churches, located on the square, – Church of Our Lady Palmanskay, built in 1730 in Baroque style.

The second church in the area of ​​Alto – is very tiny and the Baroque church, is very easy to pass it and miss, because she's so small and narrow side to the other. This quaint church is called the Shrine of Our Lady of Europe and was originally built in 1690, when his approval guarantee the bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Cadiz and Ceuta.

Although the urban landscape surrounding the church today, will never know that it was originally built on a farm. All this area was a plot of land, which belonged to a very rich family & # 39; and. However, the church that we see today, not with the & # 39 is the original church dedicated to St. Barnard. The original church had to destroy and rebuild in 1769 after receiving heavy damage from the Great Lisbon earthquake of 1755. The restored Church we see today.


In Algeciras there is another square called Plaza Nuestra Senora de la Palma. In this area no churches or cathedrals, or government buildings, but it is still easy to learn. The uniqueness of this plaza is the fact that at its center is a large structure with a white dome, which is known as the food market Algeciras.

Originally the dome was built in 1935 by architect Hispanic Manuel Sanchez Arcas. At the end of the dome made it the largest dome in history, having been so for more than 30 years, until he was overtaken by a dome Astra in X & # 39; Euston, Texas, USA.

Every week day in the summer the area is transformed into a market that offers all kinds of goods for sale, starting at 8 am and continuing until 14 pm when it closes the day. Many shops are closed in the 2:00 because begins the traditional siesta time till 17 pm. After siesta permanent shops open again, but the food market will open again until the next morning.


Lighthouse Punta Karnero, which is also called Algeciras lighthouse, was built approximately 4 miles south of the city center at the mouth of Algesirasskaga Algeciras Bay. The lighthouse was built to service the Algeciras port, to Gibraltar so on the other side of the mouth of the bay, has built its own lighthouse about 20 years earlier. Construction of the lighthouse of Punta Carnera was started in 1864 and was completed 10 years later.

Like most lighthouses, the tower has a cylindrical shape, although not painted, and it can be seen the yellow sandstone used for its construction. Lighthouse Punta Carnera – 72 feet tall. However, due to the construction site is a total of 134 feet above the sea bottom, which gives a light range of 20 miles.

Water park

Another attraction of Algeciras – Park Baia. Park Bahia – a popular and fun family place. Although it does not have much historical value as compared to other places in Algeciras, is a good place to take a break and go to the summer sun.

Fees for admission to Bahia Park following. 17,00 € for adults, € 13,00 for children aged up to 1.5 m (about 4 & # 39; 10 ") or senior citizens 65+ years old and free for children up to 0.95 m (about 3 & # 39; 1 "). opening and closing times in the park vary and are usually available on the Internet for those who have Internet access. However, for those who arrived after 15:30 is usually a discount on entrance fees mentioned above.


La Linea – a small city in Spain, the first settlements of which relate to the 18th century. These homes were in San Roque municipality until 1870, when they split. La Lanai is located in the province of Cadiz in Andalusia. This quaint beautiful little town originally got its name from the border, or, in Spanish, on the line that separates the country from Gibraltar to Spain, and from the Immaculate Virgin, Mother of Jesus. In Spanish, these people are called "family."

La Lanai lies on the eastern isthmus of Gibraltar Bay on the border of the British overseas territory of Gibraltar, with which it has close economic and social ties. It is located on a sandy isthmus, which on & # 39; combines the rock of Gibraltar to the coast on the eastern flank of the Gulf of Gibraltar, between Sierra Carbonera and the Rock of Gibraltar. Back in the 18th century, when Gibraltar was a thriving seaport Laine, residents have traditionally received the majority of livelihood, working in Gibraltar. This method allowed the Spaniards to stop the employment of a full closure of the border at the time of continuous disputes between 1969 and 1982. Finally, in 1985, the border was completely restored.

Сёння La Linea з'яўляецца адным з асноўных пастаўшчыкоў гародніны, садавіны, алкагольных напояў, рыбы, пасты, а таксама з'яўляецца вытворцам коркі.

Аўтавакзал La Linea Да Іспаніі – мяжы Гібралтара знаходзіцца ўсяго 5 хвілін пешшу. Гэтая даволі невялікая станцыя з'яўляецца важным пунктам для падарожнікаў паміж правінцыямі Кадыс і Малага. Ёсць дзве аўтобусныя кампаніі: Comes і Portillo. The Прыходзіць аўтобусная кампанія працуе ў межах Кадыса. The Аўтабусная кампанія Portillo працуе ўздоўж Коста-дэль-Соль ад Ла-Ланэа да Малагі.

Гібралтарскі аэрапорт знаходзіцца таксама праз мяжу з Гібралтарам, што робіць яго вельмі цэнтральным месцам для наведвальнікаў Гібралтара, Альхесіраса, Ла-Лінеа, Коста-дэль-Соль і Коста-дэ-ла-Люс.


Іншая частка іспанскай культуры – гэта барацьба з быкамі і фламенка. Практычна ва ўсіх буйных гарадах Іспаніі тутэйшыя мерапрыемствы будуць даступны турыстам, каб паглядзець і атрымаць асалоду ад.

Многія хочуць выпрабаваць Іспанію і сапраўдную іспанскую культуру, аднак шмат хто выступае супраць ідэі ісці на карыду. Нягледзячы на ​​адрозненні ў двух, яны сапраўды могуць працаваць разам. Вы можаце бачыць адно, не бачачы іншага, і ўсё яшчэ кажаце, што перажылі нешта сапраўды іспанскае.

Танцы Фламенка – гэта сапраўды культурнае шоу, якім можа карыстацца ўся сям'я. Танцоры фламенка, як правіла, апранаюцца даволі кансерватыўна, што стварае больш спрыяльную для сям'і абстаноўку. Аднак важна памятаць, што некаторыя танцы "Фламенка" праходзяць у тапас-барах. Ёсць і іншыя месцы, дзе сем'і могуць атрымліваць асалоду ад танцораў Фламенка. Размяшчэнне і час горада адрозніваюцца. Лепшае месца, каб знайсці гэтыя месцы і час, – у мясцовым турыстычным інфармацыйным офісе. У цэлым Іспанія зрабіла вельмі добрую працу па стварэнні і ўкамплектаванні выдатных турыстычных інфармацыйных цэнтраў не толькі ў буйных буйных гарадах, але і ў невялікіх. Супрацоўнікі аўтобуснага і чыгуначнага вакзалаў таксама выдатна працуюць з адказамі на такія пытанні для падарожнікаў. Памятайце: мясцовыя жыхары звычайна ведаюць, і калі гэтага не зрабіць, яны ласкава накіруюць вас таму, хто гэта робіць!


Для тых, хто любіць інтэрнаты, у Альгесіраса іх не хапае. У многіх на самай справе ёсць вельмі добрыя рэйтынгі аглядаў. Гэтак жа, як і на любы іншы тып жылля, цэны могуць змяніцца ў самы пік сезону, якім будзе летні час у Іспаніі.

Ніжэй згадана некалькі варыянтаў пражывання з высокімі рэйтынгамі, заснаваныя на водгуках іншых асоб. Усе паказаныя варыянты знаходзяцца ў межах даступнай хады ад чыгуначнага і аўтобуснага вакзалаў, не больш за 15-20 хвілін пешшу.

№1. Хостэл ла-Пальма, у асноўным інтэрнат толькі ў імя. Размешчаны на той жа плошчы, што і згаданы вышэй харчовы рынак. У гэтым інтэрнаце ёсць мноства прыватных пакояў з ваннамі і добразычлівы, паслужлівы персанал.

№ 2. Хостел Lisboa, адзін з самых папулярных хостэлаў у Альхесірасе. Не на вядомай плошчы, так што можа быць цяжка знайсці.

№ 3. Хостэл Версаль, з пералічаных хостэлаў, гэты самы бліжэйшы да аўтобуснага і чыгуначнага вакзалаў. Зрэшты, ён некалькі схаваны на завулку.

Таксама ёсць некалькі вытанчаных гатэляў у Альгесірас з тымі ж крытэрыямі, што і згаданыя вышэй.

№1. Globales Reina Cristina, гістарычны гатэль, які першапачаткова быў адкрыты ў 1901 годзе. Ён амаль згарэў у 1928 годзе, але цяпер з'яўляецца адным з самых раскошных усіх гатэляў у Альхесірасе.

№ 2. Гатэль Al Mar, яшчэ адзін маштабны гатэль, размешчаны на адной з галоўных дарог Альгесіраса. Дарога аддзяляе горад ад порта; хоць ёсць вада, пляжу няма.

№ 3. Гатэль Octavio, знаходзіцца непасрэдна над аўтавакзалам, што робіць гэты гатэль вельмі зручным для транспартных мэтаў. Нягледзячы на ​​тое, што некаторыя могуць падумаць пра гатэль над галоўнай аўтавакзалам горада, гэты гатэль на самай справе мае 4 зоркі.


Як ужо згадвалася вышэй, у Альгесірасе ёсць шмат месца для задавальнення вашых пакупак, такіх як плошча Плаза Альта і харчовы рынак, дзе часам ёсць нехарчовыя тавары, такія як скураныя вырабы і ювелірныя вырабы.

Калі вы любіце пакупкі ў крамах і буціках, вы знойдзеце іх у розных раёнах горада. Шукайце знакі з надпісам "Rebajas" на зніжках на англійскай мове.

Купляць гандлёвую марку адзення ў Іспаніі ці Еўропе не рэкамендуецца, асабліва калі вы з ЗША. Фірмовыя маркі амаль заўсёды танней у Штатах і, калі вы знаходзіцеся ў краме высокага класа, няма ніякіх гарантый, што вы атрымаеце сапраўдную рэч. Аднак ёсць шмат адзення і летніх нарадаў, якія можна набыць па добрых цэнах.

Брытанскі кіраваны раён Гібралтару таксама выдатнае месца для пакупак. Гібралтар – гэта зона з ПДВ, якая не абкладаецца падаткам, і там можна атрымаць вельмі добрыя прапановы. Акрамя таго, калі вы вырашыце накіравацца ў Марока на дзень, магчыма, вы зможаце ўзяць што-небудзь больш экзатычнае, хаця гэта і не ПДВ.

Вельмі добра памятаць, як вярнуць тое, што вы вярнулі дадому, і пераканайцеся, што гэта не выкліча праблем з мытнямі пры спробе вярнуцца ў Іспанію ці нават у ЗША. Большасць абмежаванняў датычыцца прадуктаў харчавання, такіх як садавіна і гародніна або малочныя прадукты. Аднак іншыя рэчы, такія як алкаголь з цукерак і насенне, могуць выклікаць перашкоду. Нягледзячы на ​​тое, што алкаголь, цукеркі і іншая ежа не заўсёды прама забароненыя, законы на федэральным і дзяржаўным узроўнях альбо ваша невыкананне патрабаванняў альбо выплаты падаткаў могуць прывесці да канфіскацыі прадметаў, і вы можаце сутыкнуцца з юрыдычнымі праблемамі, калі яны будуць мець якія-небудзь парушэнні.


Пошук бяспечнага месца для харчавання ў Альгесірасе не будзе мець ніякага значэння. Нягледзячы на ​​тое, што ў амерыканскім стылі рэстараны сустракаюцца радзей, чым у кафэтэрыйных рэстаранах, вы ўсё яшчэ знойдзеце добрыя месцы.

Рэстарацыі разнастайнасці харчовых прадуктаў у Паўночнай Афрыцы і на Блізкім Усходзе раскіданыя па горадзе, а таксама іспанскія. Шанс паспрабаваць нейкую этнічную ежу нельга ўпусціць. Заводы Блізкага Ўсходу звычайна каштуюць вельмі нядорага, і порцыі звычайна маюць добрыя памеры.

З-за колькасці розных рэстаранаў у Альгесірасе не было б вялікай справядлівасці і справядлівасці назваць адны, а не іншыя. Нават у Інтэрнэце шмат рэстаранаў застаюцца без ацэнкі, бо многія людзі не затрымліваюцца ў гэтым раёне дастаткова доўга, каб паесці ў самых розных месцах.

Вам прапануецца шукаць месцы ў Альхесірасе, якія могуць вас зацікавіць. Работнікі рэстаранаў добразычлівыя, і ў рэстаране звычайна бывае па меншай меры адзін англамоўны чалавек, хаця гэта не з'яўляецца абсалютным правілам.

Не забудзьцеся сачыць за тым, дзе ядуць мясцовыя жыхары. Калі мясцовыя жыхары не ядуць ці не збіраюцца ў пэўным месцы, верагодна, ёсць прычына, мяркуючы, што ядуць час. Так, у месцах, дзе наведваюцца мясцовыя жыхары, могуць быць лініі, але есці там, дзе яны ёсць, азначае, што вы будзеце есці ў добра знаёмым установе і будзеце менш есці ў тым месцы, дзе харчовае атручванне можа стаць праблемай.

У іспанскай культуры людзі абедаюць пазней, чым амерыканцы. Часам а 21 гадзіне будзе час вячэры. Пасля штодзённага 14:00 да 17:00 "Сіеста" іспанцы ажываюць і могуць есці невялікія стравы ў розных месцах за адну ноч.


Надвор'е ў Альгесірасе цудоўнае амаль увесь год, хоць час ад часу пэўны эфект час ад часу. Надвор'е не толькі Альхесіраса, але і Андалускага рэгіёна ў цэлым стала тым, што гэты рэгіён стаў папулярным для паўночных еўрапейцаў для пакупкі дамоў для зімы і лета.

Летні час на поўдні Іспаніі амаль заўсёды сонечны, з невялікімі аблокамі і амаль ніколі не бывае дажджу. Лепшае за ўвесь дзень і нават начное надвор'е з кароткім рукавом – з чэрвеня па верасень. У летні час тэмпература паветра складзе днём 95 ° F, а ноччу апусціцца да адзнакі 59 ° F.

Натуральна, як і ва ўсіх большасці раёнаў паўночнага паўшар'я, зімовыя тэмпературы больш халодныя, чым летнія. Днём тэмпература паветра будзе трымацца каля 68 ° F, уначы каля 50 ° F, калі таксама будзе воблачна з праясненнямі. Аднак, калі надыдзе верасень, пачнуцца дажджы, якія часам могуць быць моцнымі, хоць яны ніколі не доўжацца доўга.

У наступны раз, калі вы заплануеце паездку ў Еўропу, не забудзьцеся пра Іспанію, і там не прапусціце мудрагелістага старога горада Альхесірас. Вы будзеце рады, што вы зрабілі!

What are the key words of "long tail" and how do they work?

One of the most important words DALGAGA – THAT SUCH Asadov

Keywords with a long tail – that's three and four keyword phrases that are very, very specific to what you are selling. You see, every time a customer uses a very specific search phrase, they typically are looking for exactly what they are actually buying. In virtually every case, these very specific searches are much more likely to convert to sales than the general common searches that are generally more focused on the type of research that consumers usually do before making a purchasing decision.

To illustrate this phenomenon, let's look at a typical step-by-step purchase of the way that the client sends to the path to purchase.

1. A consumer product becomes known.

2. The consumer is looking for information on this product, in preparation for a possible purchase.

3. The consumer evaluates the product alternatives (features, prices, etc.).

4. The consumer decides to purchase.

5. The consumer takes out his credit card and completes the transaction.

6. The consumer then estimates the goods after purchase, and decide whether he wants to keep or return it.

Using the above six stages of the purchase, as our model, you probably already see what you want to focus on the consumer, which is located somewhere on the fourth stage of the …

The consumer decides to purchase.

… because when they made the decision to buy something, that's when they start to use a very specific search phrase to search for the target buying.

Now for the good news …

Highly specific multi-word phrases tend to be much easier to rank than the more common keywords or phrases double.

Here is a concrete example. Let's say your site sell excursions in B.C. First, you can think about the orientation on a common phrase, such as travel. In the end, the adventure tour is usually the type of tour, in which love to participate while traveling on vacation.

However, if you try to go beyond this phrase, you will face direct competition from the really big sites such as Trivago ot Tavelocity etc. … you get the idea … It is unlikely that you will be able to knock down any of these sites from the top, if you are not willing to invest a lot of money and a mountain of time.

But, more importantly, the journey – it's not the best phrase for which you can aim. This is because many people who are searching for this phrase, looking for items such as airline tickets, ocean cruises or just make a very general study of where they might go. They probably do not say to themselves: "I'm looking for someone who sells tours for beginners to climb Mount Grouse, while I'm in Vancouver so I could take my things & # 39; nd on a fun adventure this summer."

If they were, they would introduce something else, except for travel.

This concept of keywords with a long tail …

Here are a few very specific keyword phrases related to customers who acquire much later buying cycle – at least at the third stage, possibly at the stage of the fourth and possibly a fifth on the stage:

• BC mountaineering excursions

• beginner climbing in Britain or British Columbia

• climbing tours

• Family hiking tours alpinisskiya

Of course, it's only a few examples. I'm sure you could come up with many more. However, this is a double;

1. Keywords Long tail is much easier to rank.

2. People who search using the keywords with long tails are much more likely to become customers!

Another good news …

Of course, this assumes that you have to create pages that do not require hammering search engines that use the keywords "long tail". And because so many potentially different long tail combinations that searchers can use to buy what you have to offer, which means that you will likely want to create more pages.

Well, that Google likes sites that have more pages. This makes the site in the eyes of the world's most popular search engine look more substantial system more natural and even more real. Note that your "unique" pages should be only variations of your main offer, but focused on a specific long tail niche.

Thus, each page will have unique title, meta description is the description, h1 title tag and body content that highlights your proposal using the keyword "long tail," which you choose for any given page. It's not rocket science, but it certainly works to engage consumers on the optimum stage of the buying process!

Thus, instead of focusing on just two or three very competitive general keywords, be guided by tens and even hundreds of easy-to-ranks keywords with a long tail.

Also note that the lack of concentration of too much effort on the long tail – if you are targeting a very specific phrase, you can not get enough traffic to sustain its business. That is why it is better to have:

• several pages that send you a large amount of traffic and less oriented

• a large number of pages, each of which sends you a small amount of traffic vysokanakiravanaga.

But in general, it is best to think about it; would you rather place one keyword that sends you 1000 visitors per day or 200 key phrases, half of them send you one buyer in a day?

Once you do the math, you'll see that 100 customers much better than 1000 visitors who are just doing research. And there is no doubt that the use of ultra-specific keywords demonstrates a greater intention to buyers from the client. It simply leads to an increase in sales, which, of course, what you really are.

I hope this is helpful to you if you have a great set up your digital strategy!

Villas for rent in Albox, Spain – On the Costa Tropical

Many who want to rent in Spain. Some people can realize their dream of renting a villa in Spain, Albox. Hundreds of thousands of tourists annually visit and remove property in different cities and villages of Spain. However, if you want to experience something special, then spend some time in Albox, simply on the ground of the beautiful Costa trapika in Granada, then you can choose villas for rent in Spain, Albox.

Price competitive rental villas in Albox Spain. People from all over the world come there to escape their own harsh local climate. When looking for your ideal villa in Albox, it is reasonable to look for cheap flights to Malaga Spain. Taught by an expert can help you find the one that best suits your needs, and even better to go on line and book the plane by yourself.

More and more people who buy vacation homes and villas, rent them out, because they do not plan to live in their on & # 39; Albox facilities for a large number of weeks in a year. This is a brilliant way to cover the annual costs associated with home ownership abroad. More astute owners also offer their residents a Spanish apartment with a TV with Sky, and consider renting houses and villas in Spain both long- and shorter periods of rest.

If you want to find a villa for rent in Albox, Spain, do your research. Some websites quality not only give you a good selection of villas and apartments, but also provide articles and information on the Spanish areas in which you think the rest. With their help, you can make an informed choice for your vacation rental. You have chosen to lease the site should guide you through the different procedures associated with the rental of a villa in direct owners.

If you are buying villas for rent in Spain Elboks, the location of the apartment & # 39 is the most important issue when it comes to renting a vacation, away from the villa to the beach and if you buy in Albose nearest airport with cheap flights to Malaga in Spain. It is also important, in addition to shopping, entertainment and sports facilities. They tend to cause major problems tourists.

Successful purchase villas in Albox for rent is very important, but the success of the delivery of property is determined by several important factors, not only the price but also the number of bedrooms the apartment or your villa, as well as neighboring areas. to the property, on the & # 39 objects that you get, and the swimming pool, etc.

There is no two ways, if the price for rent of real estate, the price, but there are other key factors that will improve your rental potential, such as the villa will be better equipped than your competitors, even Spanish apartment with a TV with sky will improve the chances that you will take people to rent out their villas for a shorter period of time.

There are many fans of Spanish apartment with a TV with Sky. Many holiday makers who use the Internet to book your holiday, think that they can find a less expensive vacation on the line compared to booking through a travel agent. Obviously, the manufacturers of recreation are less interested in apartments than a villa on the beach with swimming pools, although in places such as Albox, baksuetstsa trend when it comes to booking holidays.

Advantages and disadvantages of aviation Aircraft services

Volatile services are becoming more and more common, and they are not something that only the upper crust can hire and use. aviation market has become very competitive, and some say that some companies are operating at a loss, and many of these companies appealed to the common man, which allows them to hire their services is very simple.

This proved to be a boon for small and large businesses, and – even for tourists, as they can improve their travel experience with the proportion increasing in value. While many companies freely admit that they do not mind having to pay for the transportation of customers and worldwide resources to pay for customers and resources around the world, many small businesses are arguing about whether the aircraft price is worth it. Here is a short list of the advantages and disadvantages of hiring services of charter aircraft.

The first advantage is that you have reduced the travel time for a few hours. A trip that previously took two to three days, will take only a few hours. Rental of aircraft – this is a private matter, and is ideal for people who want to have privacy even while traveling. Comfort, which gives you a private jet, will be compared any other travel options, in which you will go.

Introducing to charter a plane, you can even alter matters such as routes that are moving, stopping, etc. After the aircraft orders, you can send a plane anywhere in the world, yet it is a legitimate route, you have the necessary permissions, you have the right resources that are flying on a plane, and there is a landing strip. This is the main reason why many companies prefer to charter planes because they can control the schedule of its employees in a simpler way.

There are some disadvantages in hiring an aircraft to travel. For the first price at the highest possible level than design a train ticket or travel on the road. Prices not only on the booked flight, but also to the owners, pilots, navigators, and all and all, who have to fly a plane. Second, if someone hires a plane, they reinforce the responsibility on their shoulders. Right, which route to move to the various licenses and approvals, the customer must ensure that all of them were in their place.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages in hiring aircraft to travel from one place to another. Control of the aircraft is much more difficult than the control of the vehicle, so you should be careful which service they are going. There are several service providers, and the best way to contact them would be through the Internet, as not many of them have a local presence. Most of these services have websites that provide you with the necessary information you need, on the basis of their tariffs for the services that they offer.

Travel tip – pre-book airport transfers

If on vacation or on a trip last point that you want it to be delayed at the airport and waiting for a trip to your hotel or accommodation. While modern airports, such as the Gold Coast, offering modern facilities and a wide range of transfer services, it is often found that the peak hours and peak season demands can stretch these services are seeing long signals expectations and frustrated passengers.

It's not a great start to the holiday, especially if you have not been in the city, in front of which adds another layer of anxiety. It just should not be so; how you plan and book your flight, and better do the same thing for the transplant to a destination. Planning ahead can relieve anxiety and make the start of your trip an enjoyable experience.

There are several options for pre-order transfers, which include:

buses – Some of the shuttle service will lead you to your door, and others use the central capture point. Some disadvantages are that you can ride for a long time with several stops when they are immersed in all directions. While some see this as a great way to see a bit of the area and meet other travelers in the same way.

limousine service – There are many companies that provide transfer services through a variety of options for vehicles according to your needs. If only one person or a large group of people, a limousine service can tailor the service they desire. This method will take you directly to your door, and the driver, who meets you in a hall of the airport and assisted with your luggage, dedicated to your needs. The prices can be surprisingly competitive, especially for group travel.

Tips from the airport:

When booking please transfer the operator to exactly who and what will come to be transferred. If you have surf boards, fishing rods or anything like that, tell the operator that they could arrange the desired vehicle.

The operator wants to know how many passengers and the age of the passengers in accordance with the law in many parts of the children under a certain age is required to use child seats that can be provided on request. They may also make special arrangements for a large amount of luggage, including trailers or luggage cars.

Also, when booking tell the operator about the number of your flight to arrive, so if your flight is delayed or early, he can make sure to meet with you on arrival. Also carry the company's name and contact number.

Plan ahead to pre-order a transfer from the airport and start your next trip or vacation easily and without hassle.

How do I travel to Nepal?

There is only one international airport International Airport Trybhuvan, and it has direct flights to and from the following countries: 1) Singapore (Silk Air) 2) Korea (Air Korea) 3) United Arab Emirates (Nepal Airlines, Etihad Airways (5) India) Nepal Airlines, Jet Airways, Jet Lite, Indian Airlines, Druk Air (6), China (Air China, China Southern Airlines) 7) Thailand (Nepal Airlines, Thai Airways) 8) Bangladesh (Biman Airlines, GMG Airlines) 9 (Pakistan) Pakistani international airlines) 10) Butane (Druk Air) 11) Bahrain (Gulf Air) 12) Malaysia (Nepal airlines) 13) Qatar (Air Qatar Airways). Basically travelers from around the world, whether the US, Europe is coming to Nepal through the connected flights from the above mentioned places.

You can also travel to Nepal by road from India to the south and China to the north. You can travel by train or bus to the border of India and Nepal, and then on the road to get to the different cities of Nepal. To travel from Delhi to BANBAS, a border village in India, by bus which takes about 8 hours. Then take the bus to Mahendranagara to Kathmandu which takes another 15 hours. Alternatively, you can take the train to Gorakhpur from Delhi (16 hours), and then take the bus from Gorakhpur to Sunauli (3 hours). Then you can travel with Bharahavy, the border town in Nepal in Kathmandu, Pokhara.

You can also travel from Kolkata to Raksaul by train (15 hours). You can also travel to Patna Raksaul (7:00) on the bus. Then take the bus with Birgunya, Nepal border town near Raksaulam to Kathmandu (10 hours), Pokhara (9 hours). You can travel from Darjeeling to Kathmandu via Kakarbhitu, a border town in Nepal. You need to drive to Darjeeling to Siliguri, then from Siliguri in Panitanki (1:00). Then cross the border to Kakarbhity, and then Drive to Kathmandu by bus (14 hours).

You can also travel in a jeep on the road from Lhasa to encoders, China, the border with Nepal. With encoders, you can take the bus for a 5-hour road to the capital city of Kathmandu, Nepal.