London Stansted Airport – Independent Travelers Guide

From the airports of London Stansted Airport is the farthest from the center of London, almost 40 miles. The airport is dominated by low cost airlines, such as Ryanair and easyJet to, the largest low price airlines in Europe.

The vast majority of flights – these are internal flights in Europe or the UK.

The airport also has significant charter traffic, especially for the British, who are traveling on package tours to the sun.

The main intercontinental and national airlines such as British Airways, Virgin, American Airlines and Singapore, using Heathrow and Gatwick in London.

Airport – is a registered airport, but it was restored 15 years ago with a brand new terminal and infrastructure, including a direct rail link and motorway to London. First it was a white elephant, but & # 39; emergence of low-cost carriers Stansted turned into one of the fastest growing airports in Europe over the past decade.

Today, the total power of the main terminal is in sight, and a new terminal and a further second runway is planned.

With the terminal itself there are no surprises, there are all the standard facilities, including a choice of currency, pharmacy, information stands, etc. There is a good variety of food options from fast food and pub food to the seat of restaurants. As in all airports, which are managed by the owner BAA, there are many luxury shops. But remember that the vast majority of flights from Stansted are within the EEC are not eligible for duty-free status.

It usually takes about 30 minutes from the station to the exit of the customs on most flights if you have luggage. The airport has a bureau immediately information about the airport and the airport for Airport Carz, which has a monopoly on taxi service at the airport. Take a taxi to London using only a very small number of passengers due to the distance and expense.

If your trip to London destination, the fastest option – Take the Stansted Express train. The train station is a terminal, so you just go down the escalator or elevator platform.

"Stansted Express" takes 45 minutes to Liverpool Street station in London and employs around 15 minutes during the day. The last train around midnight. The fare on the "Stansted Express" expensive and is more than 40 US dollars for one countdown. End Line Liverpool Street is not very convenient for most travelers, being located in the middle of London's financial district, is 3-5 miles from the most popular hotels. The train stops at the intermediate stop called Tottenham Hale, for 10 minutes to Liverpool Street London subway isolation with (Victoria Line).

Many airlines sell tickets on exports Stansted Express, some at a discount, before landing at the Stansted airport.

translation budget in London is to use one of the four regular bus services that run National Express and Terravision. Front of the terminal, near the train station, there is a large, modern station.

The cheapest option – a Terravision service to Liverpool Street station on the same route as the Stansted Express. Price is about half the price on the Stansted Express train. Far as all motor transfers, this London traffic on a good day the coach will make it in about an hour. National Express services run approximately every 30 minutes to the nearest metro Stratford at similar prices.

The second route, which carried out the coaches – is Stansted to London Victoria. Both have a return rate of about 25 US dollars. Terravision service operates around the clock, National Express service makes stops across central London, many of which are located near major hotel district. National Express service – a real service 24×7, Terravision service stops only a couple of hours in the morning. Some of the highest frequencies – around midnight in London-Stansted, and very early, London-Stansted, for the first and last voyage, when the station is "Express" and "London Underground" were closed.

Due to the sometimes unusually cheap rates Ryanair and easyJet are many transcontinental travelers prefer to return to Heathrow, and then complete the journey to a European destination with the help of low-cost airlines from Stansted.

National Express performs a shuttle service between Heathrow and Stansted in Stansted from the station. Usually there are a few services per hour, the journey takes about 90 minutes (although delays on the motorway almost routine during peak hours). The fare is too expensive. Treatment cost – about $ 50. Cheaper to use an indirect service National Express in Stratford, and then get to the London Underground at Heathrow, but less comfortable.

If you want to stay in Stansted Airport before the flight, there are many options. As with all London airports, room rates on weekends are usually much cheaper than in the middle of the week. If you tranzituetse from Heathrow or Gatwick, which have a much tougher competition, you will probably find more expensive rates in Stansted, especially in the public sector.

Directly next to the terminal is a luxury Stansted Radisson SAS, the only airport in which you do not need a transfer vehicle to the hotel. This is perhaps the most luxurious hotel, and the rates on the weekend can be quite competitive. The original luxury hotel in Stansted – this 4-star Hilton Hotel at the airport perimeter. Hilton Stansted operates its own shuttle bus from the station about every 30 minutes.

In the immediate vicinity of the airport there is the Holiday Inn Express and Best Western. Invariably cheaper option to & # 39 Days Inn is in the territory of the highway at the entrance to Stansted Airport. Transfer from the airport itself does not, though, of course, there are taxis and local bus.

In addition to networking, there are a number of independent hotels. They have a hotel to suit every budget and taste, ranging from hotels to suburban pubs, traditional bed and breakfast. The countryside around Stansted surprisingly untouched and have the opportunity to stay in a traditional village, for example, in the tavern.