Trekking in India: Durga Kalavantsin about Mumbai airport, Maharashtra, India, at local prices: $ 5 per head

introduction : Hike Kalavantsina Durga falls under vershynski rise campaign. This march 2300 feet high average level of complexity, which comprises 3 chasa climbing.

best season : The best time to hike Kalavantsina Durga – this is the monsoon season. In India, in the state of Maharashtra, where the Kalavantsin Durga, the monsoon season arrives in June and lasts until October. This season, with views, rich green down to the ground, to type to the top, around the mountain ranges. You can see a lot of beautiful flowers, amazing, but beautiful insects and butterflies, monkeys, and water flows. In addition, short-term heavy rainfall and excellent views make you forget the duration of recovery, as well as make a relaxed and cool.

cost of Depending on whether the tracking offers lunch dinner or snack disposable or both, for a value of Var can & # 39; iravatstsa ranging from $ 3 to $ 7 you will need to make payment in Indian currency in person, as soon as the whole group marches gather in Panvel station. The price includes:

  • Travel from Panvel station to the main village and back, together with a morning snack or evening snack – $ 3
  • Travel from Panvel station to the main village and back, with morning and evening snack – $ 5
  • Travel from Panvel station to the main village and back, as well as morning and afternoon snacks and dinner – $ 7

location : Kalavantsin Durga is just a few kilometers from Panvel station. From the International Airport Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, you can get to the Santacruz station 5 minutes by rickshaw about 25 cents. From Santacruz station you can take a return ticket to Panvel station around 40 cents.

warned path registration You will need to make a registration on the Internet looking for such popular local hiking group as Wild Wild Rangers . Experienced entrepreneurs and hiking etc. You will need to see the schedule monsoon campaigns on search engines, resulting in their blogs. In addition, you can track these groups on social networking sites such as Facebook. Once you have decided that their dates and deadlines meet your requirements, you can give them a call on the mobile phone number specified in their schedule to register for the campaign.

Custom registration campaign If you want to trek was organized in a convenient date and time, you can call them on the numbers of mobile phones running on your & # 39; waking and request individual approach to the Customer date (only on weekends). Please note that this non-profit group tours consisting of the organizers and participants of the Indian enterprise IT industry, or health care workers, etc. Therefore, please be polite and understanding, arriving at a convenient date and time for their own campaign.

traffic : Get to peradgor & # 39; ads easily by road at a local public bus or private car. To hike Kalavantsin Durga most groups trekking going to the railway station Panvela around 7 am in the morning in any Saturday or Sunday. From Panvel station most bands campaigns deliver your group hikes in the base village Takurvadi using six auto-rickshaw or a local bus public transport, which depends on the organizers of the campaign, taking into account the limitations on time.

food Food will be the main Indian food from the base of the village.

The duration and timing of campaign Most of these trips take 1 day, 2 days or 3 days. You will be in the intima in advance if this sounds like a day or a night hike.

No. participants Usually not. Participants hiking trips Var & # 39; iruyutstsa from 15 to 45 members, including from 3 to 5 participants with the & # 39 are the organizers of the campaign.

shoes : We recommend that riders wore swimmers with good compression to avoid problems with the wet and smelly shoes and socks.