Journey to Netherlands – learn lessons and Don Dutch culture

Netherlands – a beautiful country, which is bordered by the North Sea, Belgium and Germany, with a diverse culture that reflects the Dutch and foreign immigrants. A country with a large number of tourist attractions to the & # 39 is home to a number of historical paintings and replicas of Dutch buildings with a rich Dutch architecture. The country is often called the home of some of the leading philosophers and painters, whose famous works attract tourists.

Some customs that are acceptable in one country may be completely prohibited in another. There are many different types of traditions are very important to the cultural heritage of the Netherlands. Some ideas about language etiquette, fashion design, conduct and greetings can make your trip and stay in the Netherlands is always in memory. Dutch people are quite formal and etiquette is not a big problem, but here is a list of some cases and flights to travel to the Netherlands.

Dutch society is egalitarian and modern. People modest, tolerant, independent, independent and enterprising. They value education, hard work, ambition and ability. According to the Dutch culture, the people of the Netherlands, either directly or very openly relate to each other and to strangers. They just see it as a sign of honesty and trust. Good to go with their flow. But when it comes to behavior in public places or crowds, loud and active behavior is evaluated. Shake hands when meeting someone. In accordance with their culture, start a conversation only after the submission. Three times to kiss the cheek alternative – it is a typical practice that adheres here, greeting or saying goodbye to a close friend. Dutch attach more importance to time and punctuality. Try to be on time for meetings and do not try to cancel or postpone the meeting at the last minute. They also give high value cleanliness and neatness.

In the Netherlands, the Tea Party is not of & # 39 is optional. Legitimate for the service fee is included in the cost of the meal, but if someone feels that the service is exceptionally good, in addition to credit 10% of the Board may be granted. They are usually eaten with a fork in his left hand and the knife in his right hand. Food, among other things, is considered to be inconvenient. Style dressing Netherlands similar to the US. Business clothes rather conservative, but it depends on the profession. Casual clothing preference for sightseeing. Shorts, however, is acceptable only when jogging or hiking. Smoking is prohibited in many areas of the Netherlands. Always ask before you light up.

Basic information about local laws and penalties should be aware of when traveling to the Netherlands. According to Dutch law, the age of 14 years, be sure to have an identity card, such as a valid passport, driving license, ID card or Dutch residence. Arrange a variety of ways to access their foreign money, such as credit cards, travelers and # 39; checks, cash, debit card or cash card. Netherlands – a good place for independent travel with good public transport.

When planning a trip to the Netherlands, do not forget to read the guides, the best places to visit and the etiquette of the country to learn how to surf and travel safely.