Babyboomers Dream – pension in Panama

Currently, factors such as the pleasant climate, low taxes and simple possession of the house to retire in Panama, motivated foreigners do retire here. But the most important reasons for retirement in Panama with the & # 39 are the economic benefits, political, cultural and social rights enjoyed by Panamanian and foreign retirees or pensioners residents.

Studies by the American Association of Retired Persons (Association of Pensioners – AARP) qualify retirement in Panama as one of the Top 5 in the world. Moreover, it shows that the person who is retiring, maximizing your retirement, buying in Panama lower price.

Attractive pension scheme

Since 1970, it operates in Panama complete retirement program, which came into force after the issuance of the Cabinet of Ministers resolution number 280 and the decree number 146, which was named "Retirement in Panama and is alive."

Among the incentives offered by this program: safety during removal, transportation of household goods without taxation, access to advanced technologies in the country, among others.

direct travel

Persons wishing to retire, recommended to have direct flights to Panama from recognized airlines: Copa Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, and Spirit. In addition, the ticket cost is relatively inexpensive.

Visas for retirement

The Ministry of Government and Justice promotes pension plans, which include pensions for retirees and pensioners travel for people who have decided to retire in Panama.

Tourist visa requires retirees and pensioners of foreign governments, international organizations or private companies. This visa, which control is delayed for 15 days, must request a lawyer. To this end, applicants must prove to the Panama Tourism Institute (IPAT), that they have a pension of not less than B / .500.00 for retirement, and for each dependent B / .100.00 more.

Visa retirement for employees is given to people, who, after two years of work are asked to retire in Panama. As a tourist visa pensioner, and this should be engaged a lawyer and is delivered in 15 days. Its main feature is that get a special passport, which is valid 5 years. To obtain this visa required documents, among other things: good health certificate, original passport photos, a minimum income B /.