London Stansted Airport – Independent Travelers Guide

From the airports of London Stansted Airport is the farthest from the center of London, almost 40 miles. The airport is dominated by low cost airlines, such as Ryanair and easyJet to, the largest low price airlines in Europe.

The vast majority of flights – these are internal flights in Europe or the UK.

The airport also has significant charter traffic, especially for the British, who are traveling on package tours to the sun.

The main intercontinental and national airlines such as British Airways, Virgin, American Airlines and Singapore, using Heathrow and Gatwick in London.

Airport – is a registered airport, but it was restored 15 years ago with a brand new terminal and infrastructure, including a direct rail link and motorway to London. First it was a white elephant, but & # 39; emergence of low-cost carriers Stansted turned into one of the fastest growing airports in Europe over the past decade.

Today, the total power of the main terminal is in sight, and a new terminal and a further second runway is planned.

With the terminal itself there are no surprises, there are all the standard facilities, including a choice of currency, pharmacy, information stands, etc. There is a good variety of food options from fast food and pub food to the seat of restaurants. As in all airports, which are managed by the owner BAA, there are many luxury shops. But remember that the vast majority of flights from Stansted are within the EEC are not eligible for duty-free status.

It usually takes about 30 minutes from the station to the exit of the customs on most flights if you have luggage. The airport has a bureau immediately information about the airport and the airport for Airport Carz, which has a monopoly on taxi service at the airport. Take a taxi to London using only a very small number of passengers due to the distance and expense.

If your trip to London destination, the fastest option – Take the Stansted Express train. The train station is a terminal, so you just go down the escalator or elevator platform.

"Stansted Express" takes 45 minutes to Liverpool Street station in London and employs around 15 minutes during the day. The last train around midnight. The fare on the "Stansted Express" expensive and is more than 40 US dollars for one countdown. End Line Liverpool Street is not very convenient for most travelers, being located in the middle of London's financial district, is 3-5 miles from the most popular hotels. The train stops at the intermediate stop called Tottenham Hale, for 10 minutes to Liverpool Street London subway isolation with (Victoria Line).

Many airlines sell tickets on exports Stansted Express, some at a discount, before landing at the Stansted airport.

translation budget in London is to use one of the four regular bus services that run National Express and Terravision. Front of the terminal, near the train station, there is a large, modern station.

The cheapest option – a Terravision service to Liverpool Street station on the same route as the Stansted Express. Price is about half the price on the Stansted Express train. Far as all motor transfers, this London traffic on a good day the coach will make it in about an hour. National Express services run approximately every 30 minutes to the nearest metro Stratford at similar prices.

The second route, which carried out the coaches – is Stansted to London Victoria. Both have a return rate of about 25 US dollars. Terravision service operates around the clock, National Express service makes stops across central London, many of which are located near major hotel district. National Express service – a real service 24×7, Terravision service stops only a couple of hours in the morning. Some of the highest frequencies – around midnight in London-Stansted, and very early, London-Stansted, for the first and last voyage, when the station is "Express" and "London Underground" were closed.

Due to the sometimes unusually cheap rates Ryanair and easyJet are many transcontinental travelers prefer to return to Heathrow, and then complete the journey to a European destination with the help of low-cost airlines from Stansted.

National Express performs a shuttle service between Heathrow and Stansted in Stansted from the station. Usually there are a few services per hour, the journey takes about 90 minutes (although delays on the motorway almost routine during peak hours). The fare is too expensive. Treatment cost – about $ 50. Cheaper to use an indirect service National Express in Stratford, and then get to the London Underground at Heathrow, but less comfortable.

If you want to stay in Stansted Airport before the flight, there are many options. As with all London airports, room rates on weekends are usually much cheaper than in the middle of the week. If you tranzituetse from Heathrow or Gatwick, which have a much tougher competition, you will probably find more expensive rates in Stansted, especially in the public sector.

Directly next to the terminal is a luxury Stansted Radisson SAS, the only airport in which you do not need a transfer vehicle to the hotel. This is perhaps the most luxurious hotel, and the rates on the weekend can be quite competitive. The original luxury hotel in Stansted – this 4-star Hilton Hotel at the airport perimeter. Hilton Stansted operates its own shuttle bus from the station about every 30 minutes.

In the immediate vicinity of the airport there is the Holiday Inn Express and Best Western. Invariably cheaper option to & # 39 Days Inn is in the territory of the highway at the entrance to Stansted Airport. Transfer from the airport itself does not, though, of course, there are taxis and local bus.

In addition to networking, there are a number of independent hotels. They have a hotel to suit every budget and taste, ranging from hotels to suburban pubs, traditional bed and breakfast. The countryside around Stansted surprisingly untouched and have the opportunity to stay in a traditional village, for example, in the tavern.

Libya – total eclipse – adventure travel between generations

With Libya in the news, I thought again about my trip there and how my experience was uzmatsneny kindness of ordinary people in 2006. Maybe I got a special treat – a friend of mine on a journey has been my grandson 9 years old, and I will go on record to say that he could not be a better duo! Grandma and cute baby open doors around the world.

I'm a solar observer and the golden grail – a total solar eclipse. Eclipse of March 29, 2006 the way safely swept North Africa and Libya had to pass four minutes of totality. Hog heaven.

I signed up for a tour of the eclipse, with the support of the magazine Sky and Telescope Magazine, but when I saw that the cost of single stands, I thought about something else; Every day after dinner, talked with his daughter and son in law, I have expanded the possibility of taking Ben. Their resonance was a sense of "we trust you and what a strange experience for him." It was awesome for both of us.

Ben and I took off from Tucson to Heathrow-based BA (direct night flight), and despite plenty of time to make our connecting flight to Milan, terrible security lines at the terminal 4 meant that we missed the connection and arrived in Milan to 10 pm. Six weeks ago Another negative experience in cunning confirmed my determination to avoid Heathrow if possible. A taxi ride to our hotel – our driver seemed to be going to overtake everything that moved. Always ask for an Italian taxi driver before the & # 39; will reveal to you the tariff map before getting into the cab and avoid surprises at the end of the trip. Specified routes, such as airports to hotels, are approved by the government and forced the tariff.

I promised Ben that his first night in Italy he will be able to & # 39; eat pasta and milk! He held me so that so midnight found us sitting at a sidewalk cafe, the Duomo in a clear form, and a child appeared on a massive plate of pasta and sausage. He took his gelato, and we walked around the Piazza del Duomo as experienced Italians. What fun.

We had to get to Genoa 16:00. where we were to meet with our group and the Italian cruise ship. A quick search on the internet in the hotel lobby, and I found that the train was at 2:00 would be ideal. Italian trains can be a great deal. Think of all the possible discounts (group, a trip in the middle of the day) and ask! For us, it was with Ben fare for seniors and children. In the ticket was offered, but as soon as I said, no problem, and the discount was about 35% at normal rates. We spent the morning in Milan, visiting the Ferrari store – hello to the children and the boy, who had heard about the Ferrari. Seller carried away by enthusiasm, and Ben gave him a baseball cap with the Ferrari logo – I do not even sell sales pitch. We raised the lift to the roof of the Duomo – he loved it, I hate heights! View from the roof at the Milan should conquer my fear. And of course, the young milk sample was when we went down.

The train station was rich in their own traps. Beware of strangers who approach you, ask if you need help. Tell this seemingly good stranger, which train you are looking for, and he grab your suitcase, I urge you to run, because the train leaves, and then lift the luggage to ransom, if you train in Seda. Later, I described the experience of others and found that not one. I stood on one of these unauthorized porters and refused the 10 euros he demanded. The man became more aggressive, overlaps my way and refused to give me the suitcase. My Italian is limited, but a few words that I used, appealing for help attracted the attention of a policeman, and when he approached, "a good man" took off. As Ben said, "wrong grandma to join the fray." I'm not so sure, I think that without the intervention of the police, I completely lost the bag. On the Italian railway stations there are no such things as trolleybuses and under & # 39; lift and steps are always there. Travel light – agenda.

Our first port was Naples and we visited Pompeii – which is fun for the child. Hit the stray cats and littered with ash. It was a bit of a zoo – Chamber tour groups that peratasavali guides. We broke ranks and used our own book guides to visit areas that, it seemed to me more interest to Ben, and that brought us out of the line to overcome. Naturally, the tour ended with gelato for him courtesy of magic, older men, who praised me for my "miracle child". A bit of flattery warms my grandmother's heart, but I refused his offer tours of Naples!

The next stop was Sicily, and we took a bus to Taormina, to visit the Roman amphitheater. Spectacular. And then the excitement built two days at sea. Our ship was one of the first excursion ships that landed at Tobruk, and we watched with great enthusiasm for the exchange of bouquets between our Moscow captain and welcoming dignitaries. Before the trip were clear shortcomings regarding visas and costs, but on the day when we had to go to the place of the eclipse, the Libyan authorities have refused surcharges and without exception treated us like treasured guests. We traveled by bus for about two hours into the desert to a place of the eclipse and found a tent city on the site. Vendors of food and beverages, groups, youth scout groups that perform traditional dances, drummers, and, of course, camels. It was a joyful and colorful scene.

Silence and stillness of air wrapped up camp when approaching the first contact with the sun, and then the noise of joy when the cloudless sky gave perfect look zatsyanyayuchay umbra, and then everyone sighs, accompanied by a lull, when the integrity of down. It was a horrible, pulsatsyynae light engulfed us; lowering the temperature when the aggregate was significant; Strip shadows were long and obvious on the flat sand. I heard Ben's voice shouting "diamond ring, diamond ring, see." If the shadow is gone and the sun uzbudilasya again, the excitement took over and "strange", "weird" was heard in many languages. It was my first total eclipse, which has not yet been darkened cloud. I turned around to see an interview with & # 39; nd Ben with the staff of the Libyan television team. He told them that the grandmother did all telescopes gold. They turned and looked at me in a wrinkled linen and obviously thought that the child is nonsense, because they have not tried to interview me! I once again played second fiddle to his grandson. I said, admitting, without seeing it, that the majority of Libyans in the camp looked away and knelt in prayer, when we approached the whole, that the Muslim faith prayer during the eclipse there.

Even the happiest place seem natural disaster

The excitement of the upcoming holiday at the theme park completely unique in nature. This is something never experienced before. What continues to develop until the day we actually visit your favorite parks. And in most cases, most likely, we often have an unforgettable experience unlike any other. However, there are times when the weather is god & # 39; I engaged sporskim sports, pouring cold water in our plans and expectations. It's not that the theme parks are reluctant to take high-quality preventive activities for guests, but the unpredictable nature out & # 39; I'm too complicated character travelers. Whether it is a & # 39; appearance of sudden rain or unbearable warm spell change directly adab & # 39; etsya on your vacation.

It is hard to imagine that even the most happy and charming places can succumb to the forces of nature. Like many others, the theme parks of Central Florida is not alien to the natural compulsion and attacks. In fact, the situation observed in the parks, which forced guests to cancel or postpone most anticipated vacation plans in the past, and possibly in the future. Yes, I am very sad to know that guests are stranded unfulfilled dreams. If homework is done before the holiday and if you are so close to the day of actual travel, news of the storm – the last thing you want to hear. Worst of all, that natural disaster like a hurricane, with & # 39 is a complete failure in this respect. Sunshine State was the victim of wild coastal wind in the past, including tropical storm Fay, which kept parks that are cleaned for days together with the rest of the state.

The disaster in September 2017 – the biggest failure in the history of the theme parks. Irma hurricane – a category 4 storm with winds near 150 miles per hour falls to Florida, leaving millions powerless. Several holidays were discontinued, and plans are transferred, and dreams collapsed. Hurricane Irma has the largest value at the time when the parks are the best celebrations and events such as Mickey Disney is not so scary Halloween celebration, and the International Food Festival and the Epcot wine or premiership & # 39; -Minister nation "Halloween "- Halloween Halloween Nights Fest at Universal Orlando and other popular Halloween activities at SeaWorld and Busch Gardens.

We captured all the theme parks and resorts here in Orlando, Florida. They are the perfect reflection of our dreams and ideas. They & # 39 is the source for the most memorable and unusual moments of our lives. And I believe that they will continue to entertain us no matter how big and disruptive incidents they may be. Irma hurricane really hit the resort area of ​​the theme park. But it seems that the impact is limited to a few battered trees and power lines, or in all the parks well.

San Diego Padres – 40 men and registry

Coaches "San Diego Padres" may have a different line of work, but it does not mean that they do not work. No matter how you have them lined up, this year in the Padres have a great group of coaches. The list includes the main base coach Rico Renteryya, third base coach Glenn Hoffman, coach gaydanah Darrena Bals, coach Ted Simmons on the bench, coach Jim Lefebvre, bullpen coach Darrela Akerfeldsa bulls and Lauren Justin Hatcher.

Sometimes it is not so much as notice if awarded by other employees that help team members to take shape. This includes the main athletic trainer Todd Hatsan, assistant athletic trainer Paul Navarro coach for strength and conditioning, Jim Malone, director of team travel / equipment Brian Prylaman, assistant manager of the club house, Tony Petrik, assistant equipment Spencer Valleys, catcher bulls Mark City Hall, a sports therapist Philip Kerr and video coordinator Mike Tompkins.

What do all these aforementioned members? They work together to create a truly great team from a list of 40 people, which soon will go to spring training. The composition of the roster includes pitchers Mike Adams, Cha Song Baek, Heath Bell, Matt Bush, Cesar's crust, Mike Ekstrom, Ernesto Fryery, Gryr Josh, Justin Hempsan Wade LeBlanc, Uiltan Lopez, Cla Meredith, Ivan Nova, Scott Patterson, Jake Peavy Jackson Kezada, Cesar Ramos, Chad Reineke, Jae Kuk ryu, Joe Thatcher, Virgil Vasquez, Mark Uerel and Chris Young; bench Nick Handa and Jose Lobaton; newcomers Matt Antoneli, Everth Cabrera, Travis Denker, David Ekshteyn, Adrian Gonzalez, Edgar Gonzalez, Kevin Kuzmanof and Luis Rodriguez; and fielders Luis Durango, Jody Zherunt Brian Giles, Scott Hurston, Chase Headley, Machias Drew and Will Venebl.

So where you send good group of coaches and trainers, and managers with a list of 40 people? Well, if you will once again be the Padres, you get the package and ready to go, and go down to the Peoryi, Arizona. This year, on the playground, "Peoryya" Padres will be held to prepare for the spring, which officially begins with the Goodwill Games February 25 against "Mariners".

The game continues with a set that includes games, compared with calves, Brewers, Dodgers, Rocky swords, athletics, White Sox, Angels, Rangers, diamond strips, royalty, Indians, Brewers and Giants in March.

With such types of formulations and a thorough spring training, it sounds like in the Padres will be very few moments to stop and sore, or sit back and relax, but then it's a good baseball term, and if the Pirates as burning, they should be about to get back in the midst of things, then he wins inanimate moment to prepare, on the field, in games or at other times when the pirates do what they like to do best, which is playing baseball.

Over time, local events are completed and Padres. Fans and players should be excited about what lies ahead in the coming weeks and months.

Why travel with Maxi Taxi?

Taxi service at the airport offer private help with a specific airport, which stops and exits. maxi taxis offers high-quality vehicles that are easy to serve large groups of travelers. Every time when you plan your next trip to the destination with the family & # 39; or her friends, for more comfort, you can save the taxi services.

maxi taxis Combined services offer the best means of transport to the passengers was a pleasure to ride. Perhaps the best choice for group travel – it is one of the vehicles, serving eleven passengers.

Taxi service is well served by ensuring that passengers are safe, regardless of whether they are traveling for long and short distances. You can also use the service, which offers the comfort for a small group of passengers in cars and sedans. The number of emergency and utility services Maxi Taxi Sydney Airport also offer delivery of packets.

It is therefore not surprising that the taxi services in the city are the best providers of transport and you will be guaranteed to have a comfortable travel experience with family & # 39; and her friends all the time. Regarding the payment options, you can easily pay by cash, debit cards or credit cards.

Considering that in Sydney you can find a large fleet, you can travel to the capital and surrounding areas, and to feel confident that you are using safe and reliable transport services. Regardless of how the service will need to travel to the airport and even to participate in events such as a & # 39; drive, weddings, graduation parties, casino trips, corporate executive meetings and more, you can only expect the best.

When using the transfer will not care, because you're guaranteed to get a direct, reliable and prompt services. You can choose from a perfectly preserved and totally new vehicles, as well as the drivers are experienced, friendly and professional. These drivers are well known for providing high quality service and complete satisfaction at all times.

As you can see, the choice of Sydney plenty of options available. You can experience how it is courteous drivers greet you at the airport terminal, and then accompany you in style to the car, while helping in any luggage.

Journey to Netherlands – learn lessons and Don Dutch culture

Netherlands – a beautiful country, which is bordered by the North Sea, Belgium and Germany, with a diverse culture that reflects the Dutch and foreign immigrants. A country with a large number of tourist attractions to the & # 39 is home to a number of historical paintings and replicas of Dutch buildings with a rich Dutch architecture. The country is often called the home of some of the leading philosophers and painters, whose famous works attract tourists.

Some customs that are acceptable in one country may be completely prohibited in another. There are many different types of traditions are very important to the cultural heritage of the Netherlands. Some ideas about language etiquette, fashion design, conduct and greetings can make your trip and stay in the Netherlands is always in memory. Dutch people are quite formal and etiquette is not a big problem, but here is a list of some cases and flights to travel to the Netherlands.

Dutch society is egalitarian and modern. People modest, tolerant, independent, independent and enterprising. They value education, hard work, ambition and ability. According to the Dutch culture, the people of the Netherlands, either directly or very openly relate to each other and to strangers. They just see it as a sign of honesty and trust. Good to go with their flow. But when it comes to behavior in public places or crowds, loud and active behavior is evaluated. Shake hands when meeting someone. In accordance with their culture, start a conversation only after the submission. Three times to kiss the cheek alternative – it is a typical practice that adheres here, greeting or saying goodbye to a close friend. Dutch attach more importance to time and punctuality. Try to be on time for meetings and do not try to cancel or postpone the meeting at the last minute. They also give high value cleanliness and neatness.

In the Netherlands, the Tea Party is not of & # 39 is optional. Legitimate for the service fee is included in the cost of the meal, but if someone feels that the service is exceptionally good, in addition to credit 10% of the Board may be granted. They are usually eaten with a fork in his left hand and the knife in his right hand. Food, among other things, is considered to be inconvenient. Style dressing Netherlands similar to the US. Business clothes rather conservative, but it depends on the profession. Casual clothing preference for sightseeing. Shorts, however, is acceptable only when jogging or hiking. Smoking is prohibited in many areas of the Netherlands. Always ask before you light up.

Basic information about local laws and penalties should be aware of when traveling to the Netherlands. According to Dutch law, the age of 14 years, be sure to have an identity card, such as a valid passport, driving license, ID card or Dutch residence. Arrange a variety of ways to access their foreign money, such as credit cards, travelers and # 39; checks, cash, debit card or cash card. Netherlands – a good place for independent travel with good public transport.

When planning a trip to the Netherlands, do not forget to read the guides, the best places to visit and the etiquette of the country to learn how to surf and travel safely.

5 best airline companies

There are several airlines that offer domestic and international flights. While some only serve regional airports, others offer several routes and are known worldwide. Regarding the choice of the best airline companies, there are many factors. This includes the satisfaction of passengers, as well as on the & # 39; the amount of timely arrivals and departures. Airlines are also assessed and vzvazhvayutstsa in accordance with the services that they offer. In fact, industry ratings and reviews of passengers can literally rip or make any domestic or international airlines. While we all have different opinions, industry experts have selected the following company as the leading airlines in the world.

Delta Airlines

Delta with & # 39 is synonymous with first-class services. As the leader of the industry of commercial aviation, Delta offers the most international flights from the United States. With its center in Atlanta, Delta also offers a fleet of aircraft for optimum convenience. It includes an elegant and magnificent 747 and MD 88 and 90. Delta also rated for customer service and ease of booking flights. Thanks to the friendly and polite staff Delta guarantee high quality services for all domestic and international passengers.

United / Continental Airlines

And United Air, and Continental Airlines have been in existence for many years. If these global brands have decided on the & # 39; to unite, it was just a marriage made in heaven. On the & # 39; combined with its in downtown Chicago, Denver, and now San Francisco for the Pacific route, United remains the dominant force in the industry of commercial air routes. With aviyareysavymi and connecting flights daily United offers many routes and special tickets. Despite the fact that their fleet is not as wide as of Delta, the recent merger with Continental planned to soon "O & # 39; to unite" to enter the top of the ladder.

Southwest airlines

No list of airlines is not complete without a mixture of Southwest Airlines. On the & # 39; being the highest rating by the airline at low prices, the south-western company announced its convenience and practicality. While regional, South-West is now flies direct to many domestic destinations.

american Airlines

US carriers had previously been a major player in commercial aviation. In fact, it had a long-standing rivalry with air routes Pan-Am and other airlines nonexistent. American Airlines today still has a loyal and faithful passenger base. However, most customers were encouraged to Delta and other big carriers for many years.

United States airways

And last but not least, it is US Airways. So far, ranks fifth on the list, its merger with America West increased the fleet and passenger base.

Reasons for choosing Airport shuttle

Transfer from the airport is considered one of the fastest and most inexpensive ways to travel to the airports of San Francisco and to them. Transfer from the airport is considered one of the cheapest public transportation compared to limousines, car rental, taxis, shuttles to the hotel, etc.

Limo services are very expensive, which an ordinary person can not afford. Some people can not travel in a taxi, because they do not clean and did not provide other services, such as Wi-Fi, baby car seat service, and on-board entertainment.

Most of the shuttles from the airport in San Francisco, clean, courteous drivers who know the area, are available 24 * 7 in a year. They are licensed and insured. Shuttles from the airport can take you to any hotel located in San Francisco, be it at Union Square, Fisherman's Wharf, the financial district, Lombard Street, etc.

Transfer from the airport provides Internet, Travel TV, leather seats, baby car seat, and direct transfer without interruption. Many business travelers may need Internet access on the bus, because they have to prepare for the meeting. People may need a TV connection for entertainment purposes only. People need a comfortable travel experience. The leather seats they may have free care. One of the important tasks of parents with & # 39 is the safety of children in the driving time. Children's car seats are designed to protect your child in case of an accident. Transfer from the airport provides a child car seat, because the parents is difficult to carry one with you.

Transfer from the airport is almost 7-10 people can be transported simultaneously. By hiring a transfer, you can relieve stress by finding the right routes to avoid congestion and find cheap parking services; just relax and enjoy the trip, and you arrive at your destination safely and right on schedule.

If you're worried about how you will be traveling from the airport to city hotel. You can solve this problem, book a transfer from the airport to the Internet. You just need to fill in some details in the online form. You must note the date and time of flight. You also need to mention the airline, flight number, and type. Next select the number of passengers. You can choose any option of transport to the airport or to the airport, or in the service road. Some of the five star hotels in San Francisco – "New Intercontinental", "Four Seasons", "Ryts Carlton" and "Mandarin Oriental", etc.

Trekking in India: Durga Kalavantsin about Mumbai airport, Maharashtra, India, at local prices: $ 5 per head

introduction : Hike Kalavantsina Durga falls under vershynski rise campaign. This march 2300 feet high average level of complexity, which comprises 3 chasa climbing.

best season : The best time to hike Kalavantsina Durga – this is the monsoon season. In India, in the state of Maharashtra, where the Kalavantsin Durga, the monsoon season arrives in June and lasts until October. This season, with views, rich green down to the ground, to type to the top, around the mountain ranges. You can see a lot of beautiful flowers, amazing, but beautiful insects and butterflies, monkeys, and water flows. In addition, short-term heavy rainfall and excellent views make you forget the duration of recovery, as well as make a relaxed and cool.

cost of Depending on whether the tracking offers lunch dinner or snack disposable or both, for a value of Var can & # 39; iravatstsa ranging from $ 3 to $ 7 you will need to make payment in Indian currency in person, as soon as the whole group marches gather in Panvel station. The price includes:

  • Travel from Panvel station to the main village and back, together with a morning snack or evening snack – $ 3
  • Travel from Panvel station to the main village and back, with morning and evening snack – $ 5
  • Travel from Panvel station to the main village and back, as well as morning and afternoon snacks and dinner – $ 7

location : Kalavantsin Durga is just a few kilometers from Panvel station. From the International Airport Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, you can get to the Santacruz station 5 minutes by rickshaw about 25 cents. From Santacruz station you can take a return ticket to Panvel station around 40 cents.

warned path registration You will need to make a registration on the Internet looking for such popular local hiking group as Wild Wild Rangers . Experienced entrepreneurs and hiking etc. You will need to see the schedule monsoon campaigns on search engines, resulting in their blogs. In addition, you can track these groups on social networking sites such as Facebook. Once you have decided that their dates and deadlines meet your requirements, you can give them a call on the mobile phone number specified in their schedule to register for the campaign.

Custom registration campaign If you want to trek was organized in a convenient date and time, you can call them on the numbers of mobile phones running on your & # 39; waking and request individual approach to the Customer date (only on weekends). Please note that this non-profit group tours consisting of the organizers and participants of the Indian enterprise IT industry, or health care workers, etc. Therefore, please be polite and understanding, arriving at a convenient date and time for their own campaign.

traffic : Get to peradgor & # 39; ads easily by road at a local public bus or private car. To hike Kalavantsin Durga most groups trekking going to the railway station Panvela around 7 am in the morning in any Saturday or Sunday. From Panvel station most bands campaigns deliver your group hikes in the base village Takurvadi using six auto-rickshaw or a local bus public transport, which depends on the organizers of the campaign, taking into account the limitations on time.

food Food will be the main Indian food from the base of the village.

The duration and timing of campaign Most of these trips take 1 day, 2 days or 3 days. You will be in the intima in advance if this sounds like a day or a night hike.

No. participants Usually not. Participants hiking trips Var & # 39; iruyutstsa from 15 to 45 members, including from 3 to 5 participants with the & # 39 are the organizers of the campaign.

shoes : We recommend that riders wore swimmers with good compression to avoid problems with the wet and smelly shoes and socks.

Babyboomers Dream – pension in Panama

Currently, factors such as the pleasant climate, low taxes and simple possession of the house to retire in Panama, motivated foreigners do retire here. But the most important reasons for retirement in Panama with the & # 39 are the economic benefits, political, cultural and social rights enjoyed by Panamanian and foreign retirees or pensioners residents.

Studies by the American Association of Retired Persons (Association of Pensioners – AARP) qualify retirement in Panama as one of the Top 5 in the world. Moreover, it shows that the person who is retiring, maximizing your retirement, buying in Panama lower price.

Attractive pension scheme

Since 1970, it operates in Panama complete retirement program, which came into force after the issuance of the Cabinet of Ministers resolution number 280 and the decree number 146, which was named "Retirement in Panama and is alive."

Among the incentives offered by this program: safety during removal, transportation of household goods without taxation, access to advanced technologies in the country, among others.

direct travel

Persons wishing to retire, recommended to have direct flights to Panama from recognized airlines: Copa Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, and Spirit. In addition, the ticket cost is relatively inexpensive.

Visas for retirement

The Ministry of Government and Justice promotes pension plans, which include pensions for retirees and pensioners travel for people who have decided to retire in Panama.

Tourist visa requires retirees and pensioners of foreign governments, international organizations or private companies. This visa, which control is delayed for 15 days, must request a lawyer. To this end, applicants must prove to the Panama Tourism Institute (IPAT), that they have a pension of not less than B / .500.00 for retirement, and for each dependent B / .100.00 more.

Visa retirement for employees is given to people, who, after two years of work are asked to retire in Panama. As a tourist visa pensioner, and this should be engaged a lawyer and is delivered in 15 days. Its main feature is that get a special passport, which is valid 5 years. To obtain this visa required documents, among other things: good health certificate, original passport photos, a minimum income B /.